Ways To Step Up Your Summer Game / With FCUK New Collection

#EmbraceTheHeat with the new FCUK summer collection

Oh hello there! you must have been experiencing a lot of insta content lately but it’s been a while that I actually wrote a piece for this handle. I miss writing but you can’t really do anything when life happens to you, giving you no time to do what you really want to do, right? Anyway I thought instead of creating these 2 new summer looks an insta affair, I’d make an effort & write briefly on its style.


Coming to the looks, I’ve curated pieces from FCUK’s new summer collection & blended it with my aesthetics.


all about shades of army green, brown & stripes

Details: A vertical stripe with a stitched branding patch on the chest, this t-shirt is perfect for a club night worn underneath a bomber or jacket. Here, I’ve paired it with a beige jacket with double sided pockets.


Trouser: An army green mid rise chinos that’d help you elevate your everyday style. For a versatile look that can take you from a nice dinner to a sports bar with friends, you can pull off this green pair with a collared shirt and lightweight blazer. Trouser- Zara


Boots: A pair of kickass suede brown boots to complete the look. Related accessories: Brown round reflectors to keep those unwanted stares away! Boots- H&M 




I’ve always shipped pink as a colour, be it on any occasion & when it comes to street fashion it’s a game changer. I even dedicated a blog post to pink on streets a while ago (here’s the link) Coming to this look:


This floral polo t-shirt from FCUK summer collection is a bomb. You can pull it off underneath a white blazer for those office meetings or you can even pair it with your white shorts or any other pastel which coordinates properly with this beaut.


I’ve curated this look keeping in mind that it should not just be another t-shirt & shorts attire & hence enhancing with different accessories. A long yellow coloured belt which pops up & a purple round fanny pack with yellow string.

Belt & fanny pack- Shein


Going well with your everyday white sneakers & lately I’ve become obsessed with socks & so here acing my sock game with these pretty banana pink socks from H&M. Shoes-westside stores

8CF33879-E160-458D-ADC7-76345A02EB34Also fulfilling my queen fantasies by rocking these pair of gloves to give that extra bit to the whole look. Not for everyone, agreed but there’s no harm in being a little OTT.

7F54F905-0211-4C12-BD49-0BE980577B48You can check out FCUK new summer collection which has some really dope wardrobe essentials including these. That’s all for now, let me know if you guys would like me to write more blogs on this handle. For now, I’m super active on Insta so for all the Inspo, hit up there! muah.

Photography: Manasi KJ


Stay hydrated, stay humble

Akshay Sharma


Workwear: 2 New Summer Office Looks You Can Pull Off In Less Than A Minute

They’re morning people & then they’re nocturnal asses like you & me. Hello! Life’s a mess for millennials & has its own ways to kick them hard in the guts, okay. Just when you think you’re done waking up early every morning after school/college, office’s ready to knock you up (or else you end up being unemployed, living on your dad’s mercy, which is worse. Anyway.) No matter how much we despise, we all need those pay checks to live by the weekend, don’t we? Today, I won’t promise to make things go trouble-free but I’d surely help you to get through by making them a little uncomplicated.

I partnered with Myntra & created these 2 new summer looks for those early morning office meetings & evening night-outs straight from your work place, which you can easily pull off with least efforts.


Honestly, these are the simplest looks I’ve ever assembled & the most basic I’ve EVER been. Nevertheless, quite happy with end results. See for yourself:

Look 1:


If you’re lucky & have a work culture which allows you to go a little extra (just a little) then this one’s for you. Floral, pastels, whites & blues is all you need to keep it chic & suave this summer or any summer tbh because we all know there’s nothing ICONIC about them as literally everyone connects to these prints & colours in Spring-summer & hence enabling you to play safe. Not so on-the-face yet so out there.


Top- A white piece of ease with polo neck & short sleeves that you can pair up with a relaxed-fit chinos & slip on tennis shoes or sneakers. You can do so many permutations & combinations with this piece for e.g. these can easily be worn over a classic denim with white sneakers. Never ending possibilities, you see!


Price- Rs. 1399. Get 49% off on Myntra. Click here to buy. Brand- John Players

Bottom- A pastel blue, mid rise, top-of-the-line, regular fit trousers with a button closure & 4 pockets accessorised with an oversized belt giving a little 80s 90s retro hipster feels to the whole look. Another attire you can definitely try with these can be with a nicely tucked plain white or a black shirt.


Price- Rs. 2499. Get 60% off. Click here to buy. Brand- Invictus

Shoes- A pair of cushioned footbed, round-toe, white & blue printed slip on sneakers with rubber texture & pattern details outside, blending in, on fleek. The problem with your regular pair of office shoes is that you can’t really wear them when you’ve got to attend an evening get together/party straight after office with no time to go back home & change. Hence these (or other solid coloured) beauts should definitely be a part of your shoe rack!


Price- Rs. 3000. Get 60% off. Click here to buy. Brand- Jack & Jones

Related accessories: Round sunglasses- coolwinks.com

Shop the look at: www.myntra.com



Look 2:


A more effortless, straightforward & quickly manageable office look you can carry out on all those lazy Tuesdays. Well, not necessarily the way I have kept my buttons opened but yeah you get it! This season I’m all about neutral shades of beige, brown, ivory, grey etc. Continue to embrace my yeezy instincts, the same aesthetics you’ll even feel on my Insta feeds.



Top- A thin striped, mandarin collar, antimicrobial, beige linen shirt with long roll up sleeves, curved hem & a full button placket, perfect for those sweaty afternoon meetings. Later at night while going out for drinks with the gang you can put on a lightweight bomber jacket & possibly a kickass pair of boots.



Price: Rs. 1399. Get 50% off. Click here to buy. Brand- Ether

Bottom- We’ve come to a decision you guys! A white trouser (or sneakers) is no more a FAD! This slim fit, angle length, stretchable white denim is not going to obsolete, at least for the next few seasons. An year-round wear! & do I really have to mention in how many different ways you can rock this? (refer previous blog posts)


Price- Rs. 2099. Get 60% off. Click here to buy. Brand- Here&now


Related accessories: Golden Aviators – Ray Ban,  Suede shoes- United Colors of Benetton

Photography: ViditJain Clicks

Location courtesy: Lavonne 


That’s all I had planned for this post. Feel free to write down your opinion in the comment section below. Post your OOTD pictures & new outfits with hashtag #neverstaysober. I’ll see you guys super soon. Stay connected over my social media handles, I try & reply to all your queries & messages. And once again, thank you so much for supporting & letting me throw my creative mess all around you guys! Too much Love.


Stay humble,


Akshay Sharma


This Summer, No Bummer- How To Keep it Casual yet Trendy?

HELLO! Drunken youth. Summer has just begun & my MIA on this handle just halted. While everyone’s busy keeping up their ass hydrated from the scorching heat, I’m on a quest these days shooting for new stories while trying to get along with the hectic college life & of course a bunch of other dramas which goes without saying.

Starting off! The idea behind these 2 looks is ease, comfort & keeping it minimal for everyday wandering.

Look 1: Military Greens 

Trend spotted: Relaxed fit

From military uniforms to high-fashion runways, olive green has indeed come a long way. We have seen more and more brands adopt this colour not just in clothing but in various other categories as well as footwear, bags, jewellery, and even home furnishing. As aptly quoted by the goddess Miranda Priestly, floral for spring is way too mainstream & hence bringing some camo utility in action.


Paired with green ankled trousers, giving camouflage vibes while stretchability adding a dose of comfort to the whole look.

Sneakers- Obtrusive, loud, flashy & so damn fancy. Recently got these beauts in silver from Koovs apart from the shimmery golden ones which you might have seen in my previous stories. And guess what!? They have little LEDs too, literally so lit.

Outfit: Westside

Shop the look : http://www.mywestside.com 

Related Accessories: Sunglasses: Coolwinks. Sneakers: Koovs.

Look 2- The Mechanic

A little smaller than a jumper, bigger than a romper. By whatsoever name you’d like to call it, totally up to you. What I can assure you is that this piece of absolute charmer is captivating, eye catching & like I mentioned earlier, comfortable af.

Whether you’re dressing for a causal day or an evening out with your friends, it’ll definitely make you the”IT” guy at every occasion, standing out among the crowd.


Teaming up with these new Adidas originals kicks, being the perfect addition to the look. Giving it a very laid-back & relaxed overlook.

Quick tip: Over a period of time when everyone’s done checking out your new romper/jumper & now it’s not new anymore! You don’t have to worry, I’ve got you covered.

You can actually pair it with a solid coloured t-shirt & boom! You’ve got a new outfit. Just like this: 1. A t-shirt over it. 2. Open it till your waist & keep it hanging.


Outfit: Westside

Shop the look : http://www.mywestside.com 

Related Accessories: White T-shirt: H&M. Sunglasses: Coolwinks. Sneakers: Adidas.

Photography: Karan Prakash

Let me know what you guys think of the outfits, feel free to write down your opinion in the comment section below. Also! Reminding you guys to keep a track on my bomb Instagram feeds ( https://www.instagram.com/never_stay_sober/ ) as I’m not able to write on this handle more often these days. Here’re a few handpicks:


Also, Hope you guys came across & watched the new Make-up Challenge video uploaded recently. Here’s the link, in case you haven’t:

Glam make-up challenge video

k. bye. xo


Stay hydrated, stay humble.

Akshay Sharma



Come again- Whips, cuffs & suspenders (2/2)

Buy branded clothes, strike a pose, use the hashtag #fashionblogger and there you go. Congratulations you’re a blogger. HELL to the FUCKIN’ NO. Buy new clothes, you lose perspective. As a student, I get a certain amount of pocket money which I’ve to utilize for everything including my extravaganza expenses. And like each one of you, I find myself completely broke at the end of the month.
If you think I wear new clothes every week on my blog posts, good for me but you haven’t been paying attention. I’m amused to find different ways to re-use the same piece of clothing, get creative & bring out something distinctive & quirky. After all these years of living alone & managing my routine in this city, I’ve somehow learnt to balance things. No doubt, I fuck up every time I see something I believe is only made for me, a t-shirt or a pair of stunning shoes.
And obviously I’m hopelessly single & have no one who would buy me all things I fantasize. haha.
No worries, let’s take an oath to work towards it & get all the sassy stuff which we dream of.
My emphasis has always been on affordable fashion. Clothes which people like you & me can actually pay for. Oh & even the nominal amount of money I get though my assignments, I splash it out on NSS.
This week’s outfit is the second instalment to my previous post, in case you did not know.


The 2nd look. More causal , less messy & can be easily pulled off with your favourite coloured t shirt & your same old amazing pair of suspenders.


In case it isn’t obvious, I love the color blue. There comes a time in your life where you’ve to choose between black or white. I look for the blue linings in the sky. If that makes sense to you. Haha. I managed to pair this cute little blue thing with the suspenders & it totally worked out.

Shorts: Forever 21

Things to remember:

Don’t try too hard & play subtle with suspenders. A plain white t shirt or a shirt will completely compliment your look.
As said earlier in case of printed or multi coloured suspenders, try to balance the look with solid coloured tops.
Never mix too many patterns.

Accessorise with your favourite set of jewellery. For me, it happens to be this blinky owl locket, snatched from the most dopest friend of mine. She’s a dude. Haha.
Also I’ve seen people considering a taboo to wear a belt with suspenders. Well that’s a myth. There’s are hundreds of ramp shows where models have rocked it. One thing you should know, fashion is subjective & has no limits.

T-shirt: Forever 21

As mentioned in my previous post, I ABSOFUCKINGLUTELY HATE those white sneakers from Koovs. They’re uncomfortable, biting & a complete disgrace. I hate you Koovs for doing this to one of your valuable customer. If you’re seeing this, for heaven’s sake please improve your after sale services.
You can look utterly disastrous wearing with the most expensive brands & you can slay even with the rug you thrifted last summer. Trashy or Flashy, it entirely depends on you.
As for now, I can only vouch for myself. I’m that kind of person who either wears the same old wrecked t shirt on every day of the week or slays with 4 different outfits in a day.
I’m unpredictable & I guess that’s what fashion is to me.
Tell me what does it mean to you? In comment section below.

I’ll see you guys next week with another absurd story. 😗

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Got laid parade- Monochromatic orgasm

DISCLAIMER: This article includes sex & liquor references. People who get offended by hearing the word Vagina, can kindly refrain themselves from reading ahead.


Inspired by true events, this is a simple story of two horny homo-sapiens who wanted to fuck each other badly & ended up falling for each other.
Why am I writing this? – 1. Sex is empowering. 2. To introduce you guys to today’s outfit in a non run-of-the-mill way 3. Because I can.

On a cold winter’s night, there was a girl standing outside a pub, waiting for her cab to arrive. Fully sloshed, wearing a little black dress with sky high heels in which she could hardly walk. Little did she know that she was about to experience something so arousing. A guy standing few feet away was gazing at her from round the corner.
Tia was too drunk to notice that everyone was staring at her including the bar bouncers & chauffeurs.
“Damn it! Bastard cancelled the trip” she yelped. After a while when she couldn’t bare to stand in those biting heels anymore, she decided to sit down on the road. The guy was observing her, mostly out of concern. After almost 20 minutes of looking at her struggling to get a ride back home, he approached her.
“Hey Tia. You alright? “ he said.

Confused, she mumbled “Do I know you? How you know my name?”

We were in the same theatre group at college, obviously you don’t recognise me, do you?” Karan said.
– “To be honest, I really don’t.” she replied
No worries, I can go away right now but I think you need to get back home, it’s 3:30 am.” He said.
– “Oh fuck! it’s 3:30? Fuck She won’t let me enter & she’d call my mother, bitch!”
Woah chill! Who?
– “The cousin I live with. Shit! I shouldn’t have had those extra shots, I’m so wrecked”
“Stop! It’s okay. Can I drop you to a friend’s place or somewhere”
– I tried calling em. No one’s in the town. Fuck my life!
“Stop cussing, you can crash into my apartment if that’s okay with you, it’s just few blocks away”
– “I..I don’t..think..that’s..”
It’s alright. Trust me.


Everything’s real & has happened except the revised names. They’re two of my great friends & that’s how they met for the first time.
I’ll carry on with the tale & simultaneously bring you guys a total different approach on how you make a fashion statement with your plain white shirt.


Shirt: Blackberrys
There’s nothing more comforting than a perfectly tailored shirt. But for how long you gonna be stuck in your comfort zone? Today after office, get your inner dapper out & be ready to party, wearing the same shirt with suspenders.
If you have printed or checked suspenders, try pairing them with a solid coloured shirt.

Leather Belt: Levis
How many times you were almost choked to death on an event wearing a bow tie?
Well! I give you guys a less sweaty & a more funky way to wear your favourite bow tie. As a choker.
Yes, it’ll still stick to your throat but with a little less trouble.
Try experimenting as chokers are booming this season.



Bow tie- Koovs, Sunglasses- Marc Jacobs 
Continued in brief..

As soon as they reached the apartment, she was totally out blacked out. He almost had to carry her to the bed & tuck her in a quilt.
Next morning, she woke up with a bad headache & after a while she realised she’s sleeping right next to a total stranger.
In the same breath, she jumped off the bed, wrote a note with her number on it, put it on the table & vanished away.
Later at night *Screen flashes*
Text from Karan-
“I know, you know.”

-about what?

Text 2-“That I’m not the guy from your college theatre group”

– Well I knew.
Text 3-“Didn’t even know your name until I saw your college ID which had fallen off your bag.”
– Oh how smart of you? 🙂 But figured that out as well.

Text 4-“Can we meet tomorrow?
– Maybe. 🙂

First date at a coffee shop:

You look terrible” he said
– So do you Mr. Predator

Oh as if you didn’t wanna do things that actually happened that night” he winked
– I didn’t say that. she smirked.

I like you” he said.
– Cliché. But I like you too.

Do you mind if we grab a bottle of wine & try to re-live the moment?
– “That won’t be a terrible idea though.” She said


Look at those little polka dots hovering over the black trouser. With their perfect fit, they’d go even with a simple v neck t-shirt. Totally worth the buy.


Trousers- Forever 21

White sneakers- Koovs– Honestly, they aren’t great at all. Not comfortable & crafted with bad quality material. My love for Koovs is eternal but they need to work on their after sale services & product quality assurance.

Anyway to sum up, it’s been 6 months these two love birds having been fucking each other. Haha. Who knew that they would dating? It could have been just another sex date, overrated & readily available. Hope some of your got inspired by their short dramatic first meet story.
Also I’ve to mention that my motive is not encourage you guys to get drunk & stay over with a stranger.Hell No! Get that straight. All I want to say is that you can’t plan when you’re going to find your match. Wonderful things happen in their own time. You just gotta have patience & stars will do their magic tricks.


I’ll be featuring the second look from the series, next week. If you guys have anything you’d want to share, feel free to write in the comment section below.

Stay tuned & keep dreaming

Akshay Sharma


Blue hairy, Pink fairy- Floyd

Let’s be fairy for once!

There comes a moment in your life where you have to choose between black or white. Surprisingly, I always go for pink. Well even guys have right to get pretty dolled up sometimes. It’s 2016 for fucksake, Barbies are for everyone. But do you also have that ungrateful son of bitch friend who always utters shit whenever you wear pink? Well! he’s the reason you’re so dope and successful, always keep him around. Oh & if you’re one of those who think pink is unmanly, please let me do the honours of shoving up that stupid male chauvinistic attitude up your ass.


Anyway So I have these life phases where at once I’d either be goth, all black everything or I would go full on floral. And why not? Pink & pastels are raging this season, I certainly can’t keep myself calm because it looks so damn cool.


This look is inspired by breeze of summer which has left me all awakened. Tbh! I can happily die wearing this tank.

Specs– Dulce couture
What to wear when it’s not actually a date but you don’t wanna go too causal either. You know it gets so frustrating at times. Well, mix it up!
What about a tank with a pair of chinos? Yes! It actually looks pretty dope. See for yourself.


With those blue checked sneakers, keeping your moves chic & street styled. This outfit works perfectly even if it’s day out with your buds over drinks.


Sneakers– Zed

Check out those smashing trousers from H&M, so fitted & just so comfortable.
Not forgetting to show off the blue ombré hairdo because how can you even get over it?


Try more pastel pink coloured shirts, trousers or shorts this month. And if you’d ask me to settle on one particular color & I’d totally freeze. No I just can’t. I believe color of your clothes depicts your mood. If you get what I mean. Not that every guy wearing black is suffering for pain. haha no. But adding colors to wardrobe definitely enhances your mood.

Get comfortable in your skin & let everyone know your worth. Slay this season with pink. 💗

Feel free to comment down below 🙂

I’ll see you guys next week. :*


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Akshay Sharma


Silver lining lookbook- Be Monsoon Ready.

Rains! Who doesn’t love little drops of happiness pouring out of the sky, making you numb & nostalgic. But how to keep up your game strong?

If there’s anything I’ve ever taught you that’d be “you don’t have to be rich to look fabulous” Yes! As much as I love wearing all my branded clothes, I have no shame to admit that I wear thrifted clothes too & show em off. I even buy stuff from women section. Too much? Well well! Affordable fashion has always been my core inspiration behind NSS. So the other day this ungenerous dude commented on one of my old pictures saying things we won’t ever write to someone. Anyway neither I replied nor I deleted the comment.
For a person like me who’s half pocket money goes straight to food and partying. Haha Probably more that half. I’m always broke no matter how much I try to control.

That brings my inspiration behind today’s outfit.
Rain, clouds, thunderstorm sounds fantastic but when it comes to a city like Delhi where I live, it becomes a total mess! City turns into a lake and then to a river haha and you know I’m not even kidding because it’s so true. Anyway not further discussing our government’s savagery, I bring you the easiest way to dress up on a rainy day.



When it comes to dress up for going out for a movie or a day out in a mall I’m pretty fucked up. Some days you’ll see me all jazzed up like a prince and some days like a lost wanderer roaming around in his own tune wearing short boxers in a mall carrying his coffee. Not giving a fuck if people around him are judgemental bitches.


This look is literally me everyyfuckingwhere. Those thunder boxers are unapologetically hot. It’s funny how I got em while I was shopping with two friends, broke as hell. I loved em so much I couldn’t resist but ended up buying them. Haha. Shuht up! Don’t laugh. We all have those sorta days. Don’t we?


Shipping NAIL ART FOR MEN because it’s 2016 you better step up, if not now then when?

Boxers: Veromoda

Okay to all the pretty ladies out there. Make sure you go easy or wear water proof makeup while going out. You don’t wanna end up draining all of your expensive sass or end up sweating when it becomes humid.


Don’t forget to carry an umbrella with you at all times, sky is unpredictable (I mean not literally) you never know when stars start showering.



DIY: Here’s comes my baby creation. The gabru coat. Now those who’ve watched ‘Udta Punjab’ knows how ridiculously funny ” Who’s the gabru?” quote is. Haha. And those who haven’t, please do a favour on yourself & watch the amazing flick.
It took me less than 30 minutes to make this fascinating overcoat.

All you need is some glitter & few stickers of your choice. Buy those Alphabet charts they have for kids from a book store (around 10 bucks) Cut and paste the way you want.💜 Yes it’s that simple.
You can get this raincoat from any local apparel shop in the market.


A black Henley neck full sleeves t-shirt will always be my first choice no matter what. I believe Black clothes are meant for a person with a dark soul like me. Haha. No denying, look how perfectly it fits & lit up the whole look.


Evergreen & everlasting shoes from Adidas originals. Those are the clima cool edition which doesn’t make your feet sweaty & keeps your comfortable all day long. Not forgetting to appreciate how amazingly they’ve been crafted for walking miles.


Round mirror sunglasses enhances the bearded face & goes with hairdo perfectly. Those are extra special because they’ve been gifted by a real good friend & obviously the fucker asked me to add him to the courtesy. 💋


Enter a caption

Sunglasses- Forever 21

Make sure you eat well & go easy on junk in this weather unlike me who was hospitalised for food poisoning this week. But anyway you gonna do what your filthy mind’s gonna tell you to do. What does it say? Fries right! Omg someone please bring me some fries.


Muah! Stay well, stay wet & stay humble.

I’ll see you guys next week.

Akshay Sharma


High Hills & Potheads.

What’s the most painful thing in this world apart from dropping your tub of cheese popcorn and spilling your drink? It’s DEFINITELY GETTING YOUR HAIRY LEGS WAXED for the first time. I was LIVE on Facebook while this guy was ripping off my hair as if I was a sheep getting sheared.
Constantly cussing, swearing and screaming. Trust me when I say this, I produced all types of sound possible. Basically porn with semi nudity. The video is still on my page but it’s no better than what Ray J made with Kim. So please calm your tits down. Haha.
Jokes apart, men grooming is important. And it’s 2016, people who still consider it as a taboo are nothing but shameful sexists because they think it makes you less manly. These people can happily slit their wrists off and rest in peace.
Coming on today’s held title High Hills and Potheads. While you guys were busy in your hashtag life, I actually spared some time for some real hash & went to the hills.
I desperately needed a break after my exams. I for a moment wanted to feeling nothing but silence. This look is inspired by all those feelings.
It might sound weird to you but I think your clothes want to deliver a message to you.
For instance, the flowers and petals on the tank top represents nature.
The striped color scheme on the harem shows how wonderful God has made nature. So pure and deep. Only if it makes sense to you. Chuck! if it doesn’t.
I always have admired how people out there could not care less of their appearance & apparel, which truly make them so cool.
I honestly think that the jewellery and accessories you decide to wear brings out the inner you. But how to do it appropriately is also equally important.
Last week I showed you guys how to rock a Septum ring & now presenting this sweet little miracle.
People like Ranveer Singh, Troye Sivan, Tyler Oakley & so many other amazing artists inspire me to the core. Breaking the stereotype, we loved how Ayushmann Khurana wore the same nose ring and completely broke the Internet.
 N O S E   R I N G.
The black floral tank top from Forever 21. I’ve always loved their cloth’s quality. It’s so smooth and easy to your body. The print doesn’t stick at all. Perfectly cut.
Love wearing harems. Why? Because 1. They look so dope and 2. Obviously they’re comfortable af.
I almost wore em everyday on my trip and now even out walk out wearing em in the streets.
Walking on hilly areas is definitely hectic and super tiring. Who wants to walk miles wearing a skin tight jeans? And hence the harems.
Making a statement.
Laced navy blue loafers perfectly adding the charm to this look.
Faded brown leather sling bag (already covered in my previous posts)
This summer take some time out of your busy schedule & go on an adventure. Either with your friends or alone to get that breath of fresh air in your lungs. You know you need it. We all do.
See you guys super soon. Write down your valuable comments below if you feel like 🙂
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REITERATE: How to rock same outfit differently?

We all got that one old wrecked t shirt which now has holes but is so comfortable like someone is caressing your body or an old chocolate box where you’ve kept all your Pokemon cards you once collected.
We tend to grow feelings toward the things which once made us feel out of this world. I mean it’s subjective but it happens to me all the time. A guy so alone that he ends up talking to his pillow every night. Haha.

I’m learning to let go but some things are worth keeping (doesn’t include feelings for your ex, that’s gross!)
As much as I love wearing new clothes everyday, I also love to shake things up, wearing the same outfit differently.
It’s easy & most importantly won’t cost you a fortune.
As promised from my previous post ( LEAVESFLOWERS&PETRICHOR ) comes these two new different look.

LOOK 1 :

Okay all you gotta do is pick your favourite plain t shirt & pair it with your floral shorts.
Black, white or any other color depending on the shorts but try & choose a plain one.


Accessorise it with dog tags or any other locket and chain of your choice to make it look much cooler.

Those stunning shiny espadrilles from Koovs is still on my mind.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

T shirt- Forever 21
Spectacles – Lenskart


Pairing is an art. It can go completely inappropriate at times but with time you tend to master this art. I mean to be honest, the clothes I used to wear when I was 15 were so hideous that I wanna go back in time and kill myself. And now look where I am. Time teaches you so many things.
Never hesitate to try something new, something that your heart tells you to do. Maximum possibility is that some people might laugh at you. Well they gonna laugh anyway because that’s all those losers can do. 😊 Rise up your middle finger so high that they get jealous of your oomph.


Coming to the look, this shirt is looooove. It’s goes so well with any pair of trousers. Be it white, black or even navy blue might amaze you.
The linen trousers from Zara, totally comfy and appropriate to the weather.

I’ll suggest you go with the boots only if it’s a party or an event. Otherwise in this weather my personal choice is flip flops or espadrilles.
Round shades from lenskart are so dope & so chic & then obviously I’m gonna flaunt my mermaid blue hair because hello!


Shirt: H&M

Boots: Timberland

Already featured.
Details in my previous post- Link- LeavesFlowers&Petrichor- Be Summer ready.

Stay tuned for the next post and do share your thoughts in the comment section below. See you guys soon 😘

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Akshay Sharma


Fuel a Fantasy-Get Loosen up.

What’s your deepest, darkest fantasy? Mine is a pizza. Because oh! Boy I’m so done with humans. And when Summer is actually hurting like a motherfu%#er, I end up making out with ice creams.


Statistics say that a Chicken bucket has longer life than a relationship these days. Also stays fresh unlike the regular bf/gfs lame baby talk. Living in a country where they put ban on almost everything, who knows the next ban is on my fav meal which is a pizza and a corona.

I believe your summer body goals can wait one more year while you fill that filthy mouth with a cheese cake. And have another for all those who bug you with their Oh-you-know-how-much-calories-this-thing-has shit.

What I’m trying to say is that do what keeps you happy and sorted. As a matter of fact, that thing for me is food. Apart from that, the second love of my life is fashion & styling & to help you guys step up your summer game, I’m here presenting my new outfit.


If you just wanna chill out, be comfortable & stay in peace on your Sunday brunch, this gotta be the best way to dress up. This beach look goes everywhere from shopping with your bff to going on a summer drive.

The white linen trousers gives you an ease and you can pull it off with almost anything. Fold em up accordingly to give that summer vibe to the look.


Trouser- Zara

The green racer back tank top with self print weed like hills, fits perfectly to this weather condition. It was gifted to me by a very special friend on my birthday & so yeah it had to look fabulous like it does because she’s amazing.


Tank top- Koovs

Rocking those spectacles with my crazy blue hairdo. Tell me how can you not fall in love with this boy?  I look a newly born puppy. hahahaha.


What are thooooseee? Well those are my regular day to day flip flops. Super rad & so light to wear. The best part is that they aren’t slippery at all. The stuff used is the good quality rubber which makes em my first choice on a rainy day.


Slippers- Reebok

& Shades of course, can’t get out in the sun without em.

Okay so as I said in the beginning of this article, don’t let your body starve. Eat & burn. Look good & stay a cold bitch as you are this summer.haha.

Feel free to let me know your suggestions and opinion in the comment section below.

I’ll see you guys next week. Till then stay healthy, stay humble.

Spread love.

Akshay Sharma