This Summer, No Bummer- How To Keep it Casual yet Trendy?

HELLO! Drunken youth. Summer has just begun & my MIA on this handle just halted. While everyone’s busy keeping up their ass hydrated from the scorching heat, I’m on a quest these days shooting for new stories while trying to get along with the hectic college life & of course a bunch of other dramas which goes without saying.

Starting off! The idea behind these 2 looks is ease, comfort & keeping it minimal for everyday wandering.

Look 1: Military Greens 

Trend spotted: Relaxed fit

From military uniforms to high-fashion runways, olive green has indeed come a long way. We have seen more and more brands adopt this colour not just in clothing but in various other categories as well as footwear, bags, jewellery, and even home furnishing. As aptly quoted by the goddess Miranda Priestly, floral for spring is way too mainstream & hence bringing some camo utility in action.


Paired with green ankled trousers, giving camouflage vibes while stretchability adding a dose of comfort to the whole look.

Sneakers- Obtrusive, loud, flashy & so damn fancy. Recently got these beauts in silver from Koovs apart from the shimmery golden ones which you might have seen in my previous stories. And guess what!? They have little LEDs too, literally so lit.

Outfit: Westside

Shop the look : 

Related Accessories: Sunglasses: Coolwinks. Sneakers: Koovs.

Look 2- The Mechanic

A little smaller than a jumper, bigger than a romper. By whatsoever name you’d like to call it, totally up to you. What I can assure you is that this piece of absolute charmer is captivating, eye catching & like I mentioned earlier, comfortable af.

Whether you’re dressing for a causal day or an evening out with your friends, it’ll definitely make you the”IT” guy at every occasion, standing out among the crowd.


Teaming up with these new Adidas originals kicks, being the perfect addition to the look. Giving it a very laid-back & relaxed overlook.

Quick tip: Over a period of time when everyone’s done checking out your new romper/jumper & now it’s not new anymore! You don’t have to worry, I’ve got you covered.

You can actually pair it with a solid coloured t-shirt & boom! You’ve got a new outfit. Just like this: 1. A t-shirt over it. 2. Open it till your waist & keep it hanging.


Outfit: Westside

Shop the look : 

Related Accessories: White T-shirt: H&M. Sunglasses: Coolwinks. Sneakers: Adidas.

Photography: Karan Prakash

Let me know what you guys think of the outfits, feel free to write down your opinion in the comment section below. Also! Reminding you guys to keep a track on my bomb Instagram feeds ( ) as I’m not able to write on this handle more often these days. Here’re a few handpicks:


Also, Hope you guys came across & watched the new Make-up Challenge video uploaded recently. Here’s the link, in case you haven’t:

Glam make-up challenge video

k. bye. xo


Stay hydrated, stay humble.

Akshay Sharma




“May the odds be ever in your favor”

Oops that’s hunger games. My bad. I shall say *thick intense voice*” there’s only one Lord of the ring, only one who can bend it to his will and he doesn’t share power”

Yeah you got me right. Today I’m reviewing Delhi’s current fav hanging out spot. LORD OF THE DRINKS.



This massive vicinity is 18000 sq ft spread in the heart of Connaught place. Just round the corner. What makes it special? Well starting with its ground floor, the elegant sitting area, they’ve given the exact middle earth look like we see in the movie. The time when you enter into it you feel like yeah we have chosen the right place to be. It is beautifully crafted like the makers of the movie who took so much effort to create a 9 and a half hour long flick. Haha kudos!!

Going up, there’s no chance that you won’t notice the HUGE RED HORSE standing in the middle through the way to the terrace. Well yeah Shadowfax was white but they have painted it red. Maybe decorator’s opinion but anyhow it still looks fabulous to me. And like Gollum going to the island, when you reach to the terrace, you surely gonna be awestruck. Beautiful or any other adjective doesn’t do justice to its enigma.


Poser Hozier.

The terrace is so huge that you can easily organize a birthday or an office bash.

It is perfect for having a late night candle light dinner with your loved ones.The floating candles on every table makes it impossible to not to fall in love with the place.





” We swears, to serve the masters of the precious. We will swear on..on the precious.” Hahahaha I’m going too deep into the elvish language but yeah I think the waiters have taken an oath or something to be the best. There wasn’t any moment when we felt that we weren’t attended properly. Waiters were wholeheartedly serving us with a sweet smile on their face.

We went on a Tuesday night and the place was still packed. I will highly recommend you to book your table prior coming to the venue.


From retro to current chartbusters, they playing everything. Totally tipsy & soothing combination with your cocktails.





Here’s comes the best part. The booze. The bartender was like an elf, haha yeah like super humble kind and brilliant in his work yet no arrogance.


Rouge Pitcher: Basically a Strawberry LIIT. No. 1 on my list and totally to drool over. It’s sweet, fruity and gives you a nice kick to start the party.


Red apple & litchi rose wine Sangria: Hats off to the bartender, I have had sangria at many other places but this was just temptingly yummy. Even better than The Wine Company to be honest.


Cosmopolitan, mojito, martini are some other cocktails you can choose from. Here I’ve to mention that the drinks aren’t much expensive compared to other places we have at CP. Pretty easy to pocket.



Amazing hookah is there too for all the smoke lovers out there. MAKE SOME SERIOUS RINGS



From amazing burgers to mouth watering pizzas to pastas to the North Indian food, they’ve got everything on their menu.

I loved the purple crockery they used for serving dishes.




My favourites:

1. The crispy fried chicken is super super delicious. You gotta try it once for sure.

2. Lamb kebabs if you like it. I loved it though.

3. Quesadillas


Like the ring, this place will make you fall for it. It has a strong power to hypnotize you. And once you’re inside it, you’ll be invisible to the outer chaos.

Here’s my rating:

Ambiance: 5/5

Service: 4/5

Drinks: 4/5

Music: 3/5

Food: 4/5

Total: 4.5/5

Opening hours: 11 AM to 12:45 AM

Address: G-72, 1st Floor, Outer Circle, Connaught Place, New Delhi

Contact No.- 011 33107634

-Stay tuned for more such amazing reviews.

Akshay Sharma

Never stay sober.



Conference call- Girl #1 I messed up big time, I think I still miss him.

Me- Bull#%^t, You know what we need to go out and get sick drunk.

Girl #3 #4 #5- Exactly & who knows you might bump into someone hot. Hence time to hit a pub.

And that’s how we landed to this place Soi7 on a Thursday night. Situated on the top floor at DLF Cyber Hub, Soi7 has some sort of energy that you surely gonna get attracted towards. Sophisticated crowd, kickass liquor being a brewery, wide open dining area with dim lights and a classy eye catching décor.



Why should boys have all the fun? Yeah? Sometimes you just wanna be pampered as a queen. Away from your dramatic & static responsibility bombarded life, you need to chill and break some rules. And bar owners are ready to pour liquor on this thought process.

Thursday nights are ladies night, so for you ladies out there FREE BOOZE! (ughh I hate this haha), go drown yourself in it but with the prior assurance of your safety. (DON’T DRINK & DRIVE.. Please it’s sad, dangerous and so not classy!)

Oh, one crappy issue I forgot mention, getting drinks from the bar is much of a hustle. There’s chaos everywhere and girls are DYING to get their drinks especially the wasted ones. Make sure you have a decent patience level.

Here’s the official click with my wasted girl ( PS. photo shared only for blog purposes, she ain’t my GIRL girl but yeah she’s love)


Drinks you must try: Depending upon the poison type the first on my list has to be their brewed beer. Like a fresh hell it hits you hard enough to get you started on the dance floor.



You can choose from:

1. Straight jab – dark beer with fruity flavour.

2. Knock out– basically wheat beer with a lil kick of orange.

3. Cobra punch – made of roasted malt. It’s very strong.

4. Upper cut– crisp and dry beer as they say & golden in color.

Cocktails and a few other drinks were not up to the notch and hence not value for your money. And let’s be honest, you anyways won’t care how a drink tastes after 2-3 repeats. Haha.

Music: Music plays a vital role in pumping up your mood. And Man! The Dj here is kinda amazing. From electronic trance to rock to the billboards chart busters, he plays everything. Also not forgetting to mention the live bands performances on specific days.

Have a look at my Snapchat video to get an essence of their groovy trance: Snapchat video link straight from the party.

Ambiance : Except Thursday, this place is quite good for having a date or chilling out with your colleagues talking about your project over beers.


1. You get to be with the sexiest crowd. Just like I partied with Bigg Boss 9 contestant Rishabh Sinha & hey! I never miss to click a dapper selfie.



More clicks at the venue with these lovely ladies:




Chuck my face! I look Retarrrded

2. BOXING FIGHT- Yes they have fighting ring in the middle of the open bar and dining area, where trained boxers fight each other. An awestruck moment everyone should have in their lifetime.

Link for the boxing video captured by me : BOXING MATCH (middle of the pub)

FOOD: I’ve tried most of the things on their menu. But the most liked dishes are:

1. Pepper chicken Winglets

2. Chicken Yakitori

3. And also the slow fried chicken is breathtaking.

4. As I’m not a Sushi person, I personally did not like the sushi platter.

I’ve been to this place many a times and it never tends to disappoint me. Trust me if you’re having a bad day, this is the escape you would wanna have.


Here’s my rating :

FOOD: 3.5/5

DRINKS : 4/5




Address: No.208 & 209, DLF Cyberhub,


Gurgaon, Haryana 122002

Phone:070531 28385

Hours: 12PM to 1AM