The Wedding Collection ’17 – Season Special

This is a shoutout to all the overly dressed, emotional, high strung & hyper aunties, always up for an interrogation/ rapid fire round whenever they bump into us. “Beta shaadi ho gayi aapke? ” “Acha salary kitne hai?” & to all the brainsick, maniacal uncles intoxicated with alcohol, constantly comparing you with their sons but too drunk to notice that their pants are slowly sliding down. Haha yes! The wedding season has barged in & I’m talking about a big fat punjabi wedding where everybody just loves to create a scene. Disputes emerging everywhere, literally from paneer tikka to ‘Dulhan ka fancy lehga‘.


Hello drunkards! How have you been? Hope y’all having fun unlike this boy who has been sucked off to the last drop by his new city life. Who said college is fun? Ugh! Anyway! It’s that time of the year again when girls cut down on calories & boys do extra flexing, to look extraaa at their friend’s or cousin’s wedding, tantalising everyone around them!



And so if you’re planning to attend a wedding this year, you just can’t afford to skip reading this story. Period. (YES! READ THE FUCK UP, DON’T YOU DARE SCROLL DOWN FOR PICTURES)


As we grow up, we tend to hate going to these mocked up ceremonies created by our heteronormative society but hey! At the same time we can’t say no to our mum either, asking us to accompany & tag along with her. Hence, it’s better if you go, you bring out the A game.

Indian Wedding Season 2017Hottest New Trends

  1. Colors are making a comeback!– Yay! Enough with all the minimalism, pastel & all-white weddings.
  2. Technology stepping in– You won’t believe the other day I spent 4 hours watching a live-stream wedding on Instagram. Now if that’s not futuristic, I don’t know what is.
  3. Bride with Aviators & sneakers– Umm. Okay!! Quickly moving on…
  4. Day time weddings– Even in Delhi, Yes. Why? I. You can do so much more with the décor. II. Budget booster! You save money on booking the venue.
  5. E- invites, destination wedding venues, pre wedding shoots & more.


Wedding AttireWhether to Buy or Rent?

Decisions, decisions! You can either own it or lease it. The former might give you short term satisfaction but would definitely cost an arm & a leg, the latter won’t. My tip is: Contemplate & then make your move. Either way, it depends on you. Come to a decision after considering all the factors such as your budget, purpose, season etc.


There are plenty of amazing platforms available online if you plan to rent your outfit.

Pros: You don’t have to struggle much to find out the right garment, easy delivery system, multiple options, haute couture, designer wear under your budget.

Cons: Fittings (though they’re options available to fix it according to your size), Internet can be unreliable at times but so can be your favourite tailor.



About the look:



This navy blue dupion silk sherwani is definitely an exemplary choice throwing all the newly wed vibes. Elaborated heavily with all-over golden jaal embroidery and murky buttons. It’s paired up with golden dupion silk chudidar which can be worn as another outfit if you wish to reduce the burden of heavy layers.

How to make the right choice while renting out?

There’s always an option to return back, so chill! Take a deep breath & follow these simple rules:

  1. Quality is non-negotiable: Make sure the fabric doesn’t look tawdry & tacky.
  2. Do not procrastinate: Start scrolling though the web so that you have time to fix things up, even in the worst case scenarios.
  3. Going over the board: Yes, you may! Experiment & explore, it’s a fucking wedding after all.
  4. Wedding type: Day or night, indoor or outdoor, location, etc. Keeping all these things in mind. You won’t want to look like a shiny furry ball in the day time or wear something dull & unilluminating at night, unless that’s your ‘thang’. No, please! Try not to do that.


Kurta & chudidar: Perfect for the never ending, add on occasions such as Mehndi, Sangeet & so many more.

Click here to rent the look 


Weddings are special, make them memorable. As for me, I would like to get hitched tomorrow if I could but I think I’d have to wait. Hope you guys liked the story, feel free to write down your opinions in the comment section below. Personal update: My exams are here, I’ll be MIA for the next few weeks but will be back super soon! :*


Till then, stay warm & stay humble.

Outfit Courtesy: Flyrobe

Photography: Vidit Jain Clicks


Akshay Sharma



Never Stay Sober Teaches You How To Pink On Street

Don’t we all have those days when no matter how productive we might wanna get, we end up blowing it up? Finally! the weekend is here & somehow your boy is managing to control his ‘drunk lungs’ to be able to write this pastel story, sitting in a coffee shop with a hungover head. Life priorities: Blog before hoes.

Okay! It’s physically hurting. Meanwhile taking a break from whining about the first world problems I’m brawling with, let us have a look at today’s stimulating outfit.




” Hey! What are you wearing? Is that your sister’s?

The common salutation a 5 year old in pink t shirt receives by that snooty aunty.

Is *it* a girl or a boy? Oh we were sure she was growing up to be a weirdo the moment she put her hands on those bomber jackets.
So when a boy picks up that one pink t shirt and the social stereotypes are doing their best to make him keep it back down… we need to understand that it’s not just ‘cute’ anymore.

Pink isn’t just cute . It’s fucking noticeable.

And it’s so blatantly there that people just assume that the idea of gender-colour stereotypes is perfectly fine. ACA-NO.


And it takes strength as a little kid or a grown man to walk in through and put fingers on those millennium pink jeans in a store. It takes greater strength to wear them out on the roads and being called a fairy. – Fairer than your soul, at least.

And while pink has evolved to be the colour for rebellion amongst the younger boys, we can all remind ourselves that pink was, in fact, a boy’s colour. Inherently perceived as the derivative of red, it was embraced for the pride and strength of masculinity.


While I fail to understand what went wrong along the way, I can at least confirm that pink is, without doubt, the new black. To stand up for who you are. And let your pink-ass-fucks be in the face of who you are expected to be.
When you think pink is just another expression for a ‘femme’ side, stop to think. India is refusing to bend to let trite stereotypes. Pink is the fuck you to years of repression, pink is embracing the femme, pink is delicate and pink is refusing to be weak, pink is more.

And pink is just another colour. ”


Bottom- Distressed Bleach Pink Jeans- Koovs

What strikes your mind when you look at this splendid piece? To moms, we have frittered away their money in the air. Can’t even! But apart from that, this art glams up your casual wardrobe in a jiffy. Afforable-Contemporary- Attention grabbing.



Styling tips– Try pairing it up with a cropped tee or an open layered oversized shirt. I’m rocking it with a scoop neck black tee from Koovs to make it look subtle yet badass.

Things you need to keep in mind:

  1. Use only mild detergent to wash or dry clean your distressed jeans, you definitely don’t want to go through a heart wrenching experience, trust me.
  2. Keep it away from sun & don’t iron it more often. (personally, it looks best when crushed)
  3. Turn inside out before washing or drying.
  4. Don’t wear extreme distressed trousers when you’ve got to do a lot of physical activities, you might end up being naked (almost).

IMG_0286 (1)

Related accessories:

Hoodies & caps give major fuckboy vibes. Not giving a fuck about the weather, embrace your inner fuckboy this season. And hey! let me tell you that it’s indescribable when you wear your own tag.



Vintage glasses- Coolwinks.

Sneakers- H&M

Trend spotted: Street style.


Pull off pink (or a unicorn horn, whatsoever) like you own it & give a tight slap of sarcasm the next time some basic, random douche intervenes in your business.

Go now, enjoy your weekend drunkards! Hope I didn’t take much time from your not so busy schedule. Stop gawping!

See you soon, feel free to write your opinion/suggestions in the comment section below. :*


Photography: Infismo Photography –Karan Prakash


Stay contented, stay humble


Akshay Sharma

Never stay sober.



Come again- Whips, cuffs & suspenders (2/2)

Buy branded clothes, strike a pose, use the hashtag #fashionblogger and there you go. Congratulations you’re a blogger. HELL to the FUCKIN’ NO. Buy new clothes, you lose perspective. As a student, I get a certain amount of pocket money which I’ve to utilize for everything including my extravaganza expenses. And like each one of you, I find myself completely broke at the end of the month.
If you think I wear new clothes every week on my blog posts, good for me but you haven’t been paying attention. I’m amused to find different ways to re-use the same piece of clothing, get creative & bring out something distinctive & quirky. After all these years of living alone & managing my routine in this city, I’ve somehow learnt to balance things. No doubt, I fuck up every time I see something I believe is only made for me, a t-shirt or a pair of stunning shoes.
And obviously I’m hopelessly single & have no one who would buy me all things I fantasize. haha.
No worries, let’s take an oath to work towards it & get all the sassy stuff which we dream of.
My emphasis has always been on affordable fashion. Clothes which people like you & me can actually pay for. Oh & even the nominal amount of money I get though my assignments, I splash it out on NSS.
This week’s outfit is the second instalment to my previous post, in case you did not know.


The 2nd look. More causal , less messy & can be easily pulled off with your favourite coloured t shirt & your same old amazing pair of suspenders.


In case it isn’t obvious, I love the color blue. There comes a time in your life where you’ve to choose between black or white. I look for the blue linings in the sky. If that makes sense to you. Haha. I managed to pair this cute little blue thing with the suspenders & it totally worked out.

Shorts: Forever 21

Things to remember:

Don’t try too hard & play subtle with suspenders. A plain white t shirt or a shirt will completely compliment your look.
As said earlier in case of printed or multi coloured suspenders, try to balance the look with solid coloured tops.
Never mix too many patterns.

Accessorise with your favourite set of jewellery. For me, it happens to be this blinky owl locket, snatched from the most dopest friend of mine. She’s a dude. Haha.
Also I’ve seen people considering a taboo to wear a belt with suspenders. Well that’s a myth. There’s are hundreds of ramp shows where models have rocked it. One thing you should know, fashion is subjective & has no limits.

T-shirt: Forever 21

As mentioned in my previous post, I ABSOFUCKINGLUTELY HATE those white sneakers from Koovs. They’re uncomfortable, biting & a complete disgrace. I hate you Koovs for doing this to one of your valuable customer. If you’re seeing this, for heaven’s sake please improve your after sale services.
You can look utterly disastrous wearing with the most expensive brands & you can slay even with the rug you thrifted last summer. Trashy or Flashy, it entirely depends on you.
As for now, I can only vouch for myself. I’m that kind of person who either wears the same old wrecked t shirt on every day of the week or slays with 4 different outfits in a day.
I’m unpredictable & I guess that’s what fashion is to me.
Tell me what does it mean to you? In comment section below.

I’ll see you guys next week with another absurd story. 😗

Spread love

Akshay Sharma


Got laid parade- Monochromatic orgasm

DISCLAIMER: This article includes sex & liquor references. People who get offended by hearing the word Vagina, can kindly refrain themselves from reading ahead.


Inspired by true events, this is a simple story of two horny homo-sapiens who wanted to fuck each other badly & ended up falling for each other.
Why am I writing this? – 1. Sex is empowering. 2. To introduce you guys to today’s outfit in a non run-of-the-mill way 3. Because I can.

On a cold winter’s night, there was a girl standing outside a pub, waiting for her cab to arrive. Fully sloshed, wearing a little black dress with sky high heels in which she could hardly walk. Little did she know that she was about to experience something so arousing. A guy standing few feet away was gazing at her from round the corner.
Tia was too drunk to notice that everyone was staring at her including the bar bouncers & chauffeurs.
“Damn it! Bastard cancelled the trip” she yelped. After a while when she couldn’t bare to stand in those biting heels anymore, she decided to sit down on the road. The guy was observing her, mostly out of concern. After almost 20 minutes of looking at her struggling to get a ride back home, he approached her.
“Hey Tia. You alright? “ he said.

Confused, she mumbled “Do I know you? How you know my name?”

We were in the same theatre group at college, obviously you don’t recognise me, do you?” Karan said.
– “To be honest, I really don’t.” she replied
No worries, I can go away right now but I think you need to get back home, it’s 3:30 am.” He said.
– “Oh fuck! it’s 3:30? Fuck She won’t let me enter & she’d call my mother, bitch!”
Woah chill! Who?
– “The cousin I live with. Shit! I shouldn’t have had those extra shots, I’m so wrecked”
“Stop! It’s okay. Can I drop you to a friend’s place or somewhere”
– I tried calling em. No one’s in the town. Fuck my life!
“Stop cussing, you can crash into my apartment if that’s okay with you, it’s just few blocks away”
– “I..I don’t..think..that’s..”
It’s alright. Trust me.


Everything’s real & has happened except the revised names. They’re two of my great friends & that’s how they met for the first time.
I’ll carry on with the tale & simultaneously bring you guys a total different approach on how you make a fashion statement with your plain white shirt.


Shirt: Blackberrys
There’s nothing more comforting than a perfectly tailored shirt. But for how long you gonna be stuck in your comfort zone? Today after office, get your inner dapper out & be ready to party, wearing the same shirt with suspenders.
If you have printed or checked suspenders, try pairing them with a solid coloured shirt.

Leather Belt: Levis
How many times you were almost choked to death on an event wearing a bow tie?
Well! I give you guys a less sweaty & a more funky way to wear your favourite bow tie. As a choker.
Yes, it’ll still stick to your throat but with a little less trouble.
Try experimenting as chokers are booming this season.



Bow tie- Koovs, Sunglasses- Marc Jacobs 
Continued in brief..

As soon as they reached the apartment, she was totally out blacked out. He almost had to carry her to the bed & tuck her in a quilt.
Next morning, she woke up with a bad headache & after a while she realised she’s sleeping right next to a total stranger.
In the same breath, she jumped off the bed, wrote a note with her number on it, put it on the table & vanished away.
Later at night *Screen flashes*
Text from Karan-
“I know, you know.”

-about what?

Text 2-“That I’m not the guy from your college theatre group”

– Well I knew.
Text 3-“Didn’t even know your name until I saw your college ID which had fallen off your bag.”
– Oh how smart of you? 🙂 But figured that out as well.

Text 4-“Can we meet tomorrow?
– Maybe. 🙂

First date at a coffee shop:

You look terrible” he said
– So do you Mr. Predator

Oh as if you didn’t wanna do things that actually happened that night” he winked
– I didn’t say that. she smirked.

I like you” he said.
– Cliché. But I like you too.

Do you mind if we grab a bottle of wine & try to re-live the moment?
– “That won’t be a terrible idea though.” She said


Look at those little polka dots hovering over the black trouser. With their perfect fit, they’d go even with a simple v neck t-shirt. Totally worth the buy.


Trousers- Forever 21

White sneakers- Koovs– Honestly, they aren’t great at all. Not comfortable & crafted with bad quality material. My love for Koovs is eternal but they need to work on their after sale services & product quality assurance.

Anyway to sum up, it’s been 6 months these two love birds having been fucking each other. Haha. Who knew that they would dating? It could have been just another sex date, overrated & readily available. Hope some of your got inspired by their short dramatic first meet story.
Also I’ve to mention that my motive is not encourage you guys to get drunk & stay over with a stranger.Hell No! Get that straight. All I want to say is that you can’t plan when you’re going to find your match. Wonderful things happen in their own time. You just gotta have patience & stars will do their magic tricks.


I’ll be featuring the second look from the series, next week. If you guys have anything you’d want to share, feel free to write in the comment section below.

Stay tuned & keep dreaming

Akshay Sharma


Bloody Mary- How to play safe with colors?

Almost 2 month ago when I started gymming after my exams, this guy comes up to me & says ” BRO! I can helps you loos weit” Now not that I deprive of dark humour or sarcasm, I could’ve easily settled this guy but instead I just stared at him & smiled it away. But a voice inside my head was like Bitch 1. I’m beyond perfection no matter how fat or thin I look 2. I don’t need any stupid self appointed personal trainer 3. I’m fit as fuck. And that’s exactly what I want for you. A self motivating voice screaming in your head that you’re fabulous. Body love is everything. And improving yourself to make it look even better, is definitely the way to go. Also remember that the improvement should be for yourself rather than for your bf/gf. Because tbh! Aren’t we done pleasing others?


And with that prologue I give you guys the 1st way to play easy with the color Red. Coloured pants can actually happen to be disastrous if not styled & paired properly.
The easiest way to slay em is to pair it with some solid color like white or black.


If there’s one thing you’d ask me to eat my whole fucking life. My answer would definitely be pizza. Hands down. And you know I’m not wrong! because Pizza isn’t just food, it’s love. It’s like feeding your soul.


Late night on my laptop while causally scrolling down, I found this tank on an online store & right away it was in my shopping cart. No question asked. Because hello! It defines the fucking reason I still manage to live in this damaged world. Yes! I live for food.

Tank- Uptown18
Now comes the shining red trousers which you can rock whenever you feel bored of wearing the usual dull pants or chinos.
When denims are out of the equation & I can’t handle anymore sadness in my life, I fill it up with colors. Make sure you pull off coloured trousers according to the occasion. Most of times people have no idea what to wear & end up wearing something catastrophic. Yes! Like wearing red pants to some wedding function. No please! You don’t want one more embarrassing moment added to your life. Do you?

Trousers– Freecultr, Back cover– Uptown18, Sunglasses– Forever21


2nd look:

Shirts! Men’s saviour for life. Like a knight in shining armour saving men from making a fool out of themselves. Whenever confused, wear a fucking shirt.
It just can’t go wrong. And this rule goes with the coloured pants too. Try pairing a plain solid coloured shirt with your pants & wonders will happen.
Here it goes:


Shirt- Louis Philippe

With those stars printed sneakers from It almost feels like I’m wearing a galaxy. So dope & comfortable.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Sneakers- Zed

Tip: Try not to mix up different colors when wearing coloured trousers. Also keep your accessory game low & not blinkly because you pants are already defining the whole outfit. 😊

To conclude, like I always say you don’t need anybody’s approval to feel good. And most importantly when you feel good, it reflects on your face & eventually you look good. Eat it. Burn it. Remember to do your squats to stay healthy & booty-ful. Or just have a pizza instead, life will fuck you anyway. 😘

I’ll meet you guys next week.

Spread love.

Akshay Sharma


Desi Lollapalooza.

Thalaiva! Bruh

Umm..Have you ever tried beedi or a desi pauaa?
Well this week your very own homeboy is turning desi. Yes! More like Kylie Jenner turning into Lisa Haydon. Haha okay quickly!
Gulab jamun or tiramisu? Samosas or dim-sums? Jared or Ranveer? Exploring your inner desi can so much fun.
We are talking about a westernised version of wearing a traditional Indian outfit, and why not?
With no pun intended Lollapalooza is on the top of my wish list. Soon after Coachella & Tomorrowland, Lollapalooza happens to be a big annual music festival, this year in Columbia celebrating its 25th year. Now that I couldn’t afford to go there, I thought it won’t hurt anyone if I throw some festive vibes in our own desi style.


You’ll find people wrapped around in this kind of dhoti in south India, mostly on occasions like marriage. Trust me, nothing can be more comfortable than wearing a dhoti not even your favourite sweatpants.


There are many ways to tie up a dhoti. One of them is what you’re looking at.
Why ready to wear? 1. You can actually stitch it at home like I did. Super easy. 2. You don’t have to worry if it would get opened accidentally. Also the best part? It doesn’t cost much make your own ready to wear dhoti.


You can even add different coloured threads to add spark to your outfit.


Now if you’re a fashion enthusiast like me & you’re bored of wearing your shirt, the same way, everyday. I can tell you a cooler way to carry if off. With SWAG.
Here instead of buttoning up the shirt, I simply tied a knot using the two sides.
Look I know this might seem quite outrageous to some of you but it doesn’t hurt to give it a try. Right? Who knows you might look as dope as the guy in this picture 😉

Shirt: LP

Lollapalooza– For those who don’t know this is exact festival where Malia Obama (daughter of Barack Obama) was caught smoking pot. I mean I don’t even get why do they have to create an issue out of everything. Anyway so Lollapalooza has all the biggest EDM bands & artists, punk rock, hip hop artists performing in front of the coolest crowd possible. Now can you think of wearing something ethnic but at the same time punk enough to look dapper.



How can someone not admire this beautiful piece of art? Sheer Mesmerising & totally worth it. Adding up the right accessories plays an essential role on outfit’s final outcome. I remember the time I first saw this necklace in my friend’s accessory box I went OH MY GAUZE..WHAT FRESH HELL IS THAT? Haha & then I made my mind to feature it in one of my post. A shoutout for her, having an impeccable taste in styling. Here it is:



Also this amazing friend of mine has started an ultimate online shoe store which I will highly recommend, not because she’s a friend but it actually features quite dope collection. Including this perfectly crafted brown ankle high pair which I’m currently wearing.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Have a look at :

Tote bag: I can’t think of anything which can’t be fit in this bag. I mean it can carry upto 3-4 puppies easily. And that’s all I wish for . Haha. 😍 Firm, strong & good quality fabric makes it value for money.


Tote bag: HIDESIGN

I try & bring you guys something new every week. I’d love to hear your opinions in the comment section below. Do it if you feel like 😊


haha..when you’re tired of posing & just wanna laugh

See you guys next week :*

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Akshay Sharma


Blue hairy, Pink fairy- Floyd

Let’s be fairy for once!

There comes a moment in your life where you have to choose between black or white. Surprisingly, I always go for pink. Well even guys have right to get pretty dolled up sometimes. It’s 2016 for fucksake, Barbies are for everyone. But do you also have that ungrateful son of bitch friend who always utters shit whenever you wear pink? Well! he’s the reason you’re so dope and successful, always keep him around. Oh & if you’re one of those who think pink is unmanly, please let me do the honours of shoving up that stupid male chauvinistic attitude up your ass.


Anyway So I have these life phases where at once I’d either be goth, all black everything or I would go full on floral. And why not? Pink & pastels are raging this season, I certainly can’t keep myself calm because it looks so damn cool.


This look is inspired by breeze of summer which has left me all awakened. Tbh! I can happily die wearing this tank.

Specs– Dulce couture
What to wear when it’s not actually a date but you don’t wanna go too causal either. You know it gets so frustrating at times. Well, mix it up!
What about a tank with a pair of chinos? Yes! It actually looks pretty dope. See for yourself.


With those blue checked sneakers, keeping your moves chic & street styled. This outfit works perfectly even if it’s day out with your buds over drinks.


Sneakers– Zed

Check out those smashing trousers from H&M, so fitted & just so comfortable.
Not forgetting to show off the blue ombré hairdo because how can you even get over it?


Try more pastel pink coloured shirts, trousers or shorts this month. And if you’d ask me to settle on one particular color & I’d totally freeze. No I just can’t. I believe color of your clothes depicts your mood. If you get what I mean. Not that every guy wearing black is suffering for pain. haha no. But adding colors to wardrobe definitely enhances your mood.

Get comfortable in your skin & let everyone know your worth. Slay this season with pink. 💗

Feel free to comment down below 🙂

I’ll see you guys next week. :*


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Akshay Sharma


Distorted Dreams: A Threesome

I wake up every morning, my eyes not yet completely opened & guess what I see? I see 10 new blogs emerging outta nowhere. Every damn day. With every girl’s dream changing to ” Me fashion blogger banna chahti hu ” or even better “Mummy fashion to Mujhe aata ni, to me na travel ya food blogger ban jati hu” Blogging is becoming the new engineering. Call me vicious or mean but I’m concerned about the content these people are stealing & putting it as their own. There would’ve been no problem if these people were to bring their own imaginative side rather than replicating someone’s idea. Getting inspired by someone & absconding with someone’s hard work are two completely different things. Don’t get me wrong I’m not saying people should not start blogging but for Gucci’s sake have some respect. Yes! Before we could discuss today’s outfit I had to put this thing out of my system (more at the end of the article).

Anyway let me suppress my feelings for a while & tell you guys 3 different ways to slay distressed shorts. Simple, easy & yet making a statement in your daily street style appearance.


Rocking the Nail art for men

Ask me that one thing which I would wear all my life if I had to & it’d be this beauty. Coachella inspired, bringing the hippy outta you, this thing is your ultimate buzz lifter.
And so that you don’t go wrong with all the styling which is needed to be done, I’m here with my 3 ravishing looks:

Look 1.
Take your favourite quote tee. Mine happens to be this amazing black t shirt which I got from Urban theka , Chandigarh, when I was in the town for a weekend. Randomly appreciating their work, these people are actually making quite unique & creative stuff, desi at the same time, which is rare to find here in Delhi.




Now your favourite quote t-shirt doesn’t necessarily have to be black. But try to choose the right pigment according to the occasion.




Bag- Azzaro chrome

This superlative piece of excellence from @azzaro chrome has my heart since I first gazed over it. Easy to carry, fits almost everything I need in this life to survive, makes it my ultimate choice.


Look 2: 

Cleverly arranging & pairing your clothes is all you got to learn. A deep oval neck T Shirt alone might just look plain with the shorts but wearing a shirt over, makes it look complete.

Now it’s important to understand the color coordination & don’t worry you only get it with time.

T shirt- H&M
Shirt- Van Heusen

GAME CHANGER : Step up your accessory game like never before.
Raise up your middle finger if you don’t wanna become a walking cliché. Throw away all your regular men accessories just this time back into the drawer & come up with something like this.

Yes! What if you could make an accessory out of a necklace. Be creative & drop that bomb.
This spectacular piece of art from @forever21 which surprisingly goes with my hair is completely justifying & enhancing the look.


Have a look at those perfect crafted quintessential sneakers from @zed They have a wide variety of excellent shoes made with the finest material. Easy-to-put-on & super comfortable, make em so dope & flawless. I’ll be sharing some more amazing pieces from em in my further posts.

Look 3:

Sometimes just KISS. Keep it simple silly.
A basic gray tee gets along with almost everything no matter how loud the colors around you.
A classic v-neck with a blended side pocket, maintaining the look in such a way that the whole attraction goes to your shorts.

Sunglasses- Marc Jacobs

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


Now that we’re done with the looks, I’m not keeping myself calm over the issue I raised in the beginning of the article. I’m happy that people are engaging themselves more into writing blogs. But it’s just not about posting pictures or gaining followers. It shouldn’t be the reason behind the startup. Trying to come up with new ideas which you’d like to share with the world, should be the core perspective. But who am I? Just another boy in the town who likes to blabber over things he thinks are worth being blabbered on.
I don’t mind if thousands of peeps aren’t reading this post. Even if only one person got engaged & understood what I’m trying to say, I’ll be far more than happy to rest my case.

Your view & comments are always welcomed. 💋

Stay tuned, stay humble

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Akshay Sharma


Silver lining lookbook- Be Monsoon Ready.

Rains! Who doesn’t love little drops of happiness pouring out of the sky, making you numb & nostalgic. But how to keep up your game strong?

If there’s anything I’ve ever taught you that’d be “you don’t have to be rich to look fabulous” Yes! As much as I love wearing all my branded clothes, I have no shame to admit that I wear thrifted clothes too & show em off. I even buy stuff from women section. Too much? Well well! Affordable fashion has always been my core inspiration behind NSS. So the other day this ungenerous dude commented on one of my old pictures saying things we won’t ever write to someone. Anyway neither I replied nor I deleted the comment.
For a person like me who’s half pocket money goes straight to food and partying. Haha Probably more that half. I’m always broke no matter how much I try to control.

That brings my inspiration behind today’s outfit.
Rain, clouds, thunderstorm sounds fantastic but when it comes to a city like Delhi where I live, it becomes a total mess! City turns into a lake and then to a river haha and you know I’m not even kidding because it’s so true. Anyway not further discussing our government’s savagery, I bring you the easiest way to dress up on a rainy day.



When it comes to dress up for going out for a movie or a day out in a mall I’m pretty fucked up. Some days you’ll see me all jazzed up like a prince and some days like a lost wanderer roaming around in his own tune wearing short boxers in a mall carrying his coffee. Not giving a fuck if people around him are judgemental bitches.


This look is literally me everyyfuckingwhere. Those thunder boxers are unapologetically hot. It’s funny how I got em while I was shopping with two friends, broke as hell. I loved em so much I couldn’t resist but ended up buying them. Haha. Shuht up! Don’t laugh. We all have those sorta days. Don’t we?


Shipping NAIL ART FOR MEN because it’s 2016 you better step up, if not now then when?

Boxers: Veromoda

Okay to all the pretty ladies out there. Make sure you go easy or wear water proof makeup while going out. You don’t wanna end up draining all of your expensive sass or end up sweating when it becomes humid.


Don’t forget to carry an umbrella with you at all times, sky is unpredictable (I mean not literally) you never know when stars start showering.



DIY: Here’s comes my baby creation. The gabru coat. Now those who’ve watched ‘Udta Punjab’ knows how ridiculously funny ” Who’s the gabru?” quote is. Haha. And those who haven’t, please do a favour on yourself & watch the amazing flick.
It took me less than 30 minutes to make this fascinating overcoat.

All you need is some glitter & few stickers of your choice. Buy those Alphabet charts they have for kids from a book store (around 10 bucks) Cut and paste the way you want.💜 Yes it’s that simple.
You can get this raincoat from any local apparel shop in the market.


A black Henley neck full sleeves t-shirt will always be my first choice no matter what. I believe Black clothes are meant for a person with a dark soul like me. Haha. No denying, look how perfectly it fits & lit up the whole look.


Evergreen & everlasting shoes from Adidas originals. Those are the clima cool edition which doesn’t make your feet sweaty & keeps your comfortable all day long. Not forgetting to appreciate how amazingly they’ve been crafted for walking miles.


Round mirror sunglasses enhances the bearded face & goes with hairdo perfectly. Those are extra special because they’ve been gifted by a real good friend & obviously the fucker asked me to add him to the courtesy. 💋


Enter a caption

Sunglasses- Forever 21

Make sure you eat well & go easy on junk in this weather unlike me who was hospitalised for food poisoning this week. But anyway you gonna do what your filthy mind’s gonna tell you to do. What does it say? Fries right! Omg someone please bring me some fries.


Muah! Stay well, stay wet & stay humble.

I’ll see you guys next week.

Akshay Sharma


High Hills & Potheads.

What’s the most painful thing in this world apart from dropping your tub of cheese popcorn and spilling your drink? It’s DEFINITELY GETTING YOUR HAIRY LEGS WAXED for the first time. I was LIVE on Facebook while this guy was ripping off my hair as if I was a sheep getting sheared.
Constantly cussing, swearing and screaming. Trust me when I say this, I produced all types of sound possible. Basically porn with semi nudity. The video is still on my page but it’s no better than what Ray J made with Kim. So please calm your tits down. Haha.
Jokes apart, men grooming is important. And it’s 2016, people who still consider it as a taboo are nothing but shameful sexists because they think it makes you less manly. These people can happily slit their wrists off and rest in peace.
Coming on today’s held title High Hills and Potheads. While you guys were busy in your hashtag life, I actually spared some time for some real hash & went to the hills.
I desperately needed a break after my exams. I for a moment wanted to feeling nothing but silence. This look is inspired by all those feelings.
It might sound weird to you but I think your clothes want to deliver a message to you.
For instance, the flowers and petals on the tank top represents nature.
The striped color scheme on the harem shows how wonderful God has made nature. So pure and deep. Only if it makes sense to you. Chuck! if it doesn’t.
I always have admired how people out there could not care less of their appearance & apparel, which truly make them so cool.
I honestly think that the jewellery and accessories you decide to wear brings out the inner you. But how to do it appropriately is also equally important.
Last week I showed you guys how to rock a Septum ring & now presenting this sweet little miracle.
People like Ranveer Singh, Troye Sivan, Tyler Oakley & so many other amazing artists inspire me to the core. Breaking the stereotype, we loved how Ayushmann Khurana wore the same nose ring and completely broke the Internet.
 N O S E   R I N G.
The black floral tank top from Forever 21. I’ve always loved their cloth’s quality. It’s so smooth and easy to your body. The print doesn’t stick at all. Perfectly cut.
Love wearing harems. Why? Because 1. They look so dope and 2. Obviously they’re comfortable af.
I almost wore em everyday on my trip and now even out walk out wearing em in the streets.
Walking on hilly areas is definitely hectic and super tiring. Who wants to walk miles wearing a skin tight jeans? And hence the harems.
Making a statement.
Laced navy blue loafers perfectly adding the charm to this look.
Faded brown leather sling bag (already covered in my previous posts)
This summer take some time out of your busy schedule & go on an adventure. Either with your friends or alone to get that breath of fresh air in your lungs. You know you need it. We all do.
See you guys super soon. Write down your valuable comments below if you feel like 🙂
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Akshay Sharma