Never Stay Sober Teaches You How To Pink On Street

Don’t we all have those days when no matter how productive we might wanna get, we end up blowing it up? Finally! the weekend is here & somehow your boy is managing to control his ‘drunk lungs’ to be able to write this pastel story, sitting in a coffee shop with a hungover head. Life priorities: Blog before hoes.

Okay! It’s physically hurting. Meanwhile taking a break from whining about the first world problems I’m brawling with, let us have a look at today’s stimulating outfit.




” Hey! What are you wearing? Is that your sister’s?

The common salutation a 5 year old in pink t shirt receives by that snooty aunty.

Is *it* a girl or a boy? Oh we were sure she was growing up to be a weirdo the moment she put her hands on those bomber jackets.
So when a boy picks up that one pink t shirt and the social stereotypes are doing their best to make him keep it back down… we need to understand that it’s not just ‘cute’ anymore.

Pink isn’t just cute . It’s fucking noticeable.

And it’s so blatantly there that people just assume that the idea of gender-colour stereotypes is perfectly fine. ACA-NO.


And it takes strength as a little kid or a grown man to walk in through and put fingers on those millennium pink jeans in a store. It takes greater strength to wear them out on the roads and being called a fairy. – Fairer than your soul, at least.

And while pink has evolved to be the colour for rebellion amongst the younger boys, we can all remind ourselves that pink was, in fact, a boy’s colour. Inherently perceived as the derivative of red, it was embraced for the pride and strength of masculinity.


While I fail to understand what went wrong along the way, I can at least confirm that pink is, without doubt, the new black. To stand up for who you are. And let your pink-ass-fucks be in the face of who you are expected to be.
When you think pink is just another expression for a ‘femme’ side, stop to think. India is refusing to bend to let trite stereotypes. Pink is the fuck you to years of repression, pink is embracing the femme, pink is delicate and pink is refusing to be weak, pink is more.

And pink is just another colour. ”


Bottom- Distressed Bleach Pink Jeans- Koovs

What strikes your mind when you look at this splendid piece? To moms, we have frittered away their money in the air. Can’t even! But apart from that, this art glams up your casual wardrobe in a jiffy. Afforable-Contemporary- Attention grabbing.



Styling tips– Try pairing it up with a cropped tee or an open layered oversized shirt. I’m rocking it with a scoop neck black tee from Koovs to make it look subtle yet badass.

Things you need to keep in mind:

  1. Use only mild detergent to wash or dry clean your distressed jeans, you definitely don’t want to go through a heart wrenching experience, trust me.
  2. Keep it away from sun & don’t iron it more often. (personally, it looks best when crushed)
  3. Turn inside out before washing or drying.
  4. Don’t wear extreme distressed trousers when you’ve got to do a lot of physical activities, you might end up being naked (almost).

IMG_0286 (1)

Related accessories:

Hoodies & caps give major fuckboy vibes. Not giving a fuck about the weather, embrace your inner fuckboy this season. And hey! let me tell you that it’s indescribable when you wear your own tag.



Vintage glasses- Coolwinks.

Sneakers- H&M

Trend spotted: Street style.


Pull off pink (or a unicorn horn, whatsoever) like you own it & give a tight slap of sarcasm the next time some basic, random douche intervenes in your business.

Go now, enjoy your weekend drunkards! Hope I didn’t take much time from your not so busy schedule. Stop gawping!

See you soon, feel free to write your opinion/suggestions in the comment section below. :*


Photography: Infismo Photography –Karan Prakash


Stay contented, stay humble


Akshay Sharma

Never stay sober.



Terrible Tribal Tale

Remember the everyday humiliation when you entered the classroom & all of a sudden children would start giggling & mocking? You don’t? Okay wait! You do remember the girl you used to call ‘ugly’, guess what? Now she has trust issues with her boyfriend or the guy who stammered while reading? If you don’t then maybe you might be one of them. It turns out most of us have social anxiety which we deny to admit. As a teen I had always been the victim of being bullied, judged, stared or laughed at. As grew up, I finally found a way to put a stop to it. I decided not to change & own whatever the hell which truly makes me ‘me’ alongside my parents who have always been my biggest support, throughout. Now when I go out for a movie or dinner to a restaurant, I see people constantly staring & whispering idk what shit to each other, I just take a deep breath & sashay em away with a smile. Look here it is: Fat, skinny, dark, ugly, gay, straight, black haired or blue haired, each one of you is special. Obviously this sounds so overrated & repetitive but that’s what the truth is. Truth is Bitch you’re a motherfucking gangsta & you’re a survivor.(… more at the end )


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Silver lining lookbook- Be Monsoon Ready.

Rains! Who doesn’t love little drops of happiness pouring out of the sky, making you numb & nostalgic. But how to keep up your game strong?

If there’s anything I’ve ever taught you that’d be “you don’t have to be rich to look fabulous” Yes! As much as I love wearing all my branded clothes, I have no shame to admit that I wear thrifted clothes too & show em off. I even buy stuff from women section. Too much? Well well! Affordable fashion has always been my core inspiration behind NSS. So the other day this ungenerous dude commented on one of my old pictures saying things we won’t ever write to someone. Anyway neither I replied nor I deleted the comment.
For a person like me who’s half pocket money goes straight to food and partying. Haha Probably more that half. I’m always broke no matter how much I try to control.

That brings my inspiration behind today’s outfit.
Rain, clouds, thunderstorm sounds fantastic but when it comes to a city like Delhi where I live, it becomes a total mess! City turns into a lake and then to a river haha and you know I’m not even kidding because it’s so true. Anyway not further discussing our government’s savagery, I bring you the easiest way to dress up on a rainy day.



When it comes to dress up for going out for a movie or a day out in a mall I’m pretty fucked up. Some days you’ll see me all jazzed up like a prince and some days like a lost wanderer roaming around in his own tune wearing short boxers in a mall carrying his coffee. Not giving a fuck if people around him are judgemental bitches.


This look is literally me everyyfuckingwhere. Those thunder boxers are unapologetically hot. It’s funny how I got em while I was shopping with two friends, broke as hell. I loved em so much I couldn’t resist but ended up buying them. Haha. Shuht up! Don’t laugh. We all have those sorta days. Don’t we?


Shipping NAIL ART FOR MEN because it’s 2016 you better step up, if not now then when?

Boxers: Veromoda

Okay to all the pretty ladies out there. Make sure you go easy or wear water proof makeup while going out. You don’t wanna end up draining all of your expensive sass or end up sweating when it becomes humid.


Don’t forget to carry an umbrella with you at all times, sky is unpredictable (I mean not literally) you never know when stars start showering.



DIY: Here’s comes my baby creation. The gabru coat. Now those who’ve watched ‘Udta Punjab’ knows how ridiculously funny ” Who’s the gabru?” quote is. Haha. And those who haven’t, please do a favour on yourself & watch the amazing flick.
It took me less than 30 minutes to make this fascinating overcoat.

All you need is some glitter & few stickers of your choice. Buy those Alphabet charts they have for kids from a book store (around 10 bucks) Cut and paste the way you want.๐Ÿ’œ Yes it’s that simple.
You can get this raincoat from any local apparel shop in the market.


A black Henley neck full sleeves t-shirt will always be my first choice no matter what. I believe Black clothes are meant for a person with a dark soul like me. Haha. No denying, look how perfectly it fits & lit up the whole look.


Evergreen & everlasting shoes from Adidas originals. Those are the clima cool edition which doesn’t make your feet sweaty & keeps your comfortable all day long. Not forgetting to appreciate how amazingly they’ve been crafted for walking miles.


Round mirror sunglasses enhances the bearded face & goes with hairdo perfectly. Those are extra special because they’ve been gifted by a real good friend & obviously the fucker asked me to add him to the courtesy. ๐Ÿ’‹


Enter a caption

Sunglasses- Forever 21

Make sure you eat well & go easy on junk in this weather unlike me who was hospitalised for food poisoning this week. But anyway you gonna do what your filthy mind’s gonna tell you to do. What does it say? Fries right! Omg someone please bring me some fries.


Muah! Stay well, stay wet & stay humble.

I’ll see you guys next week.

Akshay Sharma



Conference call- Girl #1 I messed up big time, I think I still miss him.

Me- Bull#%^t, You know what we need to go out and get sick drunk.

Girl #3 #4 #5- Exactly & who knows you might bump into someone hot. Hence time to hit a pub.

And that’s how we landed to this place Soi7 on a Thursday night. Situated on the top floor at DLF Cyber Hub, Soi7 has some sort of energy that you surely gonna get attracted towards. Sophisticated crowd, kickass liquor being a brewery, wide open dining area with dim lights and a classy eye catching dรฉcor.



Why should boys have all the fun? Yeah? Sometimes you just wanna be pampered as a queen. Away from your dramatic & static responsibility bombarded life, you need to chill and break some rules. And bar owners are ready to pour liquor on this thought process.

Thursday nights are ladies night, so for you ladies out there FREE BOOZE! (ughh I hate this haha), go drown yourself in it but with the prior assurance of your safety. (DON’T DRINK & DRIVE.. Please it’s sad, dangerous and so not classy!)

Oh, one crappy issue I forgot mention, getting drinks from the bar is much of a hustle. There’s chaos everywhere and girls are DYING to get their drinks especially the wasted ones. Make sure you have a decent patience level.

Here’s the official click with my wasted girl ( PS. photo shared only for blog purposes, she ain’t my GIRL girl but yeah she’s love)


Drinks you must try: Depending upon the poison type the first on my list has to be their brewed beer. Like a fresh hell it hits you hard enough to get you started on the dance floor.



You can choose from:

1. Straight jab – dark beer with fruity flavour.

2. Knock out– basically wheat beer with a lil kick of orange.

3. Cobra punch – made of roasted malt. It’s very strong.

4. Upper cut– crisp and dry beer as they say & golden in color.

Cocktails and a few other drinks were not up to the notch and hence not value for your money. And let’s be honest, you anyways won’t care how a drink tastes after 2-3 repeats. Haha.

Music: Music plays a vital role in pumping up your mood. And Man! The Dj here is kinda amazing. From electronic trance to rock to the billboards chart busters, he plays everything. Also not forgetting to mention the live bands performances on specific days.

Have a look at my Snapchat video to get an essence of their groovy trance:ย Snapchat video link straight from the party.

Ambiance : Except Thursday, this place is quite good for having a date or chilling out with your colleagues talking about your project over beers.


1. You get to be with the sexiest crowd. Just like I partied with Bigg Boss 9 contestant Rishabh Sinha & hey! I never miss to click a dapper selfie.



More clicks at the venue with these lovely ladies:




Chuck my face! I look Retarrrded

2. BOXING FIGHT- Yes they have fighting ring in the middle of the open bar and dining area, where trained boxers fight each other. An awestruck moment everyone should have in their lifetime.

Link for the boxing video captured by me :ย BOXING MATCH (middle of the pub)

FOOD: I’ve tried most of the things on their menu. But the most liked dishes are:

1. Pepper chicken Winglets

2. Chicken Yakitori

3. And also the slow fried chicken is breathtaking.

4. As I’m not a Sushi person, I personally did not like the sushi platter.

I’ve been to this place many a times and it never tends to disappoint me. Trust me if you’re having a bad day, this is the escape you would wanna have.


Here’s my rating :

FOOD: 3.5/5

DRINKS : 4/5




Address: No.208 & 209, DLF Cyberhub,


Gurgaon, Haryana 122002

Phone:070531 28385

Hours: 12PM to 1AM