The Wedding Collection ’17 – Season Special

This is a shoutout to all the overly dressed, emotional, high strung & hyper aunties, always up for an interrogation/ rapid fire round whenever they bump into us. “Beta shaadi ho gayi aapke? ” “Acha salary kitne hai?” & to all the brainsick, maniacal uncles intoxicated with alcohol, constantly comparing you with their sons but too drunk to notice that their pants are slowly sliding down. Haha yes! The wedding season has barged in & I’m talking about a big fat punjabi wedding where everybody just loves to create a scene. Disputes emerging everywhere, literally from paneer tikka to ‘Dulhan ka fancy lehga‘.


Hello drunkards! How have you been? Hope y’all having fun unlike this boy who has been sucked off to the last drop by his new city life. Who said college is fun? Ugh! Anyway! It’s that time of the year again when girls cut down on calories & boys do extra flexing, to look extraaa at their friend’s or cousin’s wedding, tantalising everyone around them!



And so if you’re planning to attend a wedding this year, you just can’t afford to skip reading this story. Period. (YES! READ THE FUCK UP, DON’T YOU DARE SCROLL DOWN FOR PICTURES)


As we grow up, we tend to hate going to these mocked up ceremonies created by our heteronormative society but hey! At the same time we can’t say no to our mum either, asking us to accompany & tag along with her. Hence, it’s better if you go, you bring out the A game.

Indian Wedding Season 2017Hottest New Trends

  1. Colors are making a comeback!– Yay! Enough with all the minimalism, pastel & all-white weddings.
  2. Technology stepping in– You won’t believe the other day I spent 4 hours watching a live-stream wedding on Instagram. Now if that’s not futuristic, I don’t know what is.
  3. Bride with Aviators & sneakers– Umm. Okay!! Quickly moving on…
  4. Day time weddings– Even in Delhi, Yes. Why? I. You can do so much more with the décor. II. Budget booster! You save money on booking the venue.
  5. E- invites, destination wedding venues, pre wedding shoots & more.


Wedding AttireWhether to Buy or Rent?

Decisions, decisions! You can either own it or lease it. The former might give you short term satisfaction but would definitely cost an arm & a leg, the latter won’t. My tip is: Contemplate & then make your move. Either way, it depends on you. Come to a decision after considering all the factors such as your budget, purpose, season etc.


There are plenty of amazing platforms available online if you plan to rent your outfit.

Pros: You don’t have to struggle much to find out the right garment, easy delivery system, multiple options, haute couture, designer wear under your budget.

Cons: Fittings (though they’re options available to fix it according to your size), Internet can be unreliable at times but so can be your favourite tailor.



About the look:



This navy blue dupion silk sherwani is definitely an exemplary choice throwing all the newly wed vibes. Elaborated heavily with all-over golden jaal embroidery and murky buttons. It’s paired up with golden dupion silk chudidar which can be worn as another outfit if you wish to reduce the burden of heavy layers.

How to make the right choice while renting out?

There’s always an option to return back, so chill! Take a deep breath & follow these simple rules:

  1. Quality is non-negotiable: Make sure the fabric doesn’t look tawdry & tacky.
  2. Do not procrastinate: Start scrolling though the web so that you have time to fix things up, even in the worst case scenarios.
  3. Going over the board: Yes, you may! Experiment & explore, it’s a fucking wedding after all.
  4. Wedding type: Day or night, indoor or outdoor, location, etc. Keeping all these things in mind. You won’t want to look like a shiny furry ball in the day time or wear something dull & unilluminating at night, unless that’s your ‘thang’. No, please! Try not to do that.


Kurta & chudidar: Perfect for the never ending, add on occasions such as Mehndi, Sangeet & so many more.

Click here to rent the look 


Weddings are special, make them memorable. As for me, I would like to get hitched tomorrow if I could but I think I’d have to wait. Hope you guys liked the story, feel free to write down your opinions in the comment section below. Personal update: My exams are here, I’ll be MIA for the next few weeks but will be back super soon! :*


Till then, stay warm & stay humble.

Outfit Courtesy: Flyrobe

Photography: Vidit Jain Clicks


Akshay Sharma



Come again- Whips, cuffs & suspenders (2/2)

Buy branded clothes, strike a pose, use the hashtag #fashionblogger and there you go. Congratulations you’re a blogger. HELL to the FUCKIN’ NO. Buy new clothes, you lose perspective. As a student, I get a certain amount of pocket money which I’ve to utilize for everything including my extravaganza expenses. And like each one of you, I find myself completely broke at the end of the month.
If you think I wear new clothes every week on my blog posts, good for me but you haven’t been paying attention. I’m amused to find different ways to re-use the same piece of clothing, get creative & bring out something distinctive & quirky. After all these years of living alone & managing my routine in this city, I’ve somehow learnt to balance things. No doubt, I fuck up every time I see something I believe is only made for me, a t-shirt or a pair of stunning shoes.
And obviously I’m hopelessly single & have no one who would buy me all things I fantasize. haha.
No worries, let’s take an oath to work towards it & get all the sassy stuff which we dream of.
My emphasis has always been on affordable fashion. Clothes which people like you & me can actually pay for. Oh & even the nominal amount of money I get though my assignments, I splash it out on NSS.
This week’s outfit is the second instalment to my previous post, in case you did not know.


The 2nd look. More causal , less messy & can be easily pulled off with your favourite coloured t shirt & your same old amazing pair of suspenders.


In case it isn’t obvious, I love the color blue. There comes a time in your life where you’ve to choose between black or white. I look for the blue linings in the sky. If that makes sense to you. Haha. I managed to pair this cute little blue thing with the suspenders & it totally worked out.

Shorts: Forever 21

Things to remember:

Don’t try too hard & play subtle with suspenders. A plain white t shirt or a shirt will completely compliment your look.
As said earlier in case of printed or multi coloured suspenders, try to balance the look with solid coloured tops.
Never mix too many patterns.

Accessorise with your favourite set of jewellery. For me, it happens to be this blinky owl locket, snatched from the most dopest friend of mine. She’s a dude. Haha.
Also I’ve seen people considering a taboo to wear a belt with suspenders. Well that’s a myth. There’s are hundreds of ramp shows where models have rocked it. One thing you should know, fashion is subjective & has no limits.

T-shirt: Forever 21

As mentioned in my previous post, I ABSOFUCKINGLUTELY HATE those white sneakers from Koovs. They’re uncomfortable, biting & a complete disgrace. I hate you Koovs for doing this to one of your valuable customer. If you’re seeing this, for heaven’s sake please improve your after sale services.
You can look utterly disastrous wearing with the most expensive brands & you can slay even with the rug you thrifted last summer. Trashy or Flashy, it entirely depends on you.
As for now, I can only vouch for myself. I’m that kind of person who either wears the same old wrecked t shirt on every day of the week or slays with 4 different outfits in a day.
I’m unpredictable & I guess that’s what fashion is to me.
Tell me what does it mean to you? In comment section below.

I’ll see you guys next week with another absurd story. 😗

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Akshay Sharma


Bloody Mary- How to play safe with colors?

Almost 2 month ago when I started gymming after my exams, this guy comes up to me & says ” BRO! I can helps you loos weit” Now not that I deprive of dark humour or sarcasm, I could’ve easily settled this guy but instead I just stared at him & smiled it away. But a voice inside my head was like Bitch 1. I’m beyond perfection no matter how fat or thin I look 2. I don’t need any stupid self appointed personal trainer 3. I’m fit as fuck. And that’s exactly what I want for you. A self motivating voice screaming in your head that you’re fabulous. Body love is everything. And improving yourself to make it look even better, is definitely the way to go. Also remember that the improvement should be for yourself rather than for your bf/gf. Because tbh! Aren’t we done pleasing others?


And with that prologue I give you guys the 1st way to play easy with the color Red. Coloured pants can actually happen to be disastrous if not styled & paired properly.
The easiest way to slay em is to pair it with some solid color like white or black.


If there’s one thing you’d ask me to eat my whole fucking life. My answer would definitely be pizza. Hands down. And you know I’m not wrong! because Pizza isn’t just food, it’s love. It’s like feeding your soul.


Late night on my laptop while causally scrolling down, I found this tank on an online store & right away it was in my shopping cart. No question asked. Because hello! It defines the fucking reason I still manage to live in this damaged world. Yes! I live for food.

Tank- Uptown18
Now comes the shining red trousers which you can rock whenever you feel bored of wearing the usual dull pants or chinos.
When denims are out of the equation & I can’t handle anymore sadness in my life, I fill it up with colors. Make sure you pull off coloured trousers according to the occasion. Most of times people have no idea what to wear & end up wearing something catastrophic. Yes! Like wearing red pants to some wedding function. No please! You don’t want one more embarrassing moment added to your life. Do you?

Trousers– Freecultr, Back cover– Uptown18, Sunglasses– Forever21


2nd look:

Shirts! Men’s saviour for life. Like a knight in shining armour saving men from making a fool out of themselves. Whenever confused, wear a fucking shirt.
It just can’t go wrong. And this rule goes with the coloured pants too. Try pairing a plain solid coloured shirt with your pants & wonders will happen.
Here it goes:


Shirt- Louis Philippe

With those stars printed sneakers from It almost feels like I’m wearing a galaxy. So dope & comfortable.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Sneakers- Zed

Tip: Try not to mix up different colors when wearing coloured trousers. Also keep your accessory game low & not blinkly because you pants are already defining the whole outfit. 😊

To conclude, like I always say you don’t need anybody’s approval to feel good. And most importantly when you feel good, it reflects on your face & eventually you look good. Eat it. Burn it. Remember to do your squats to stay healthy & booty-ful. Or just have a pizza instead, life will fuck you anyway. 😘

I’ll meet you guys next week.

Spread love.

Akshay Sharma


Blue hairy, Pink fairy- Floyd

Let’s be fairy for once!

There comes a moment in your life where you have to choose between black or white. Surprisingly, I always go for pink. Well even guys have right to get pretty dolled up sometimes. It’s 2016 for fucksake, Barbies are for everyone. But do you also have that ungrateful son of bitch friend who always utters shit whenever you wear pink? Well! he’s the reason you’re so dope and successful, always keep him around. Oh & if you’re one of those who think pink is unmanly, please let me do the honours of shoving up that stupid male chauvinistic attitude up your ass.


Anyway So I have these life phases where at once I’d either be goth, all black everything or I would go full on floral. And why not? Pink & pastels are raging this season, I certainly can’t keep myself calm because it looks so damn cool.


This look is inspired by breeze of summer which has left me all awakened. Tbh! I can happily die wearing this tank.

Specs– Dulce couture
What to wear when it’s not actually a date but you don’t wanna go too causal either. You know it gets so frustrating at times. Well, mix it up!
What about a tank with a pair of chinos? Yes! It actually looks pretty dope. See for yourself.


With those blue checked sneakers, keeping your moves chic & street styled. This outfit works perfectly even if it’s day out with your buds over drinks.


Sneakers– Zed

Check out those smashing trousers from H&M, so fitted & just so comfortable.
Not forgetting to show off the blue ombré hairdo because how can you even get over it?


Try more pastel pink coloured shirts, trousers or shorts this month. And if you’d ask me to settle on one particular color & I’d totally freeze. No I just can’t. I believe color of your clothes depicts your mood. If you get what I mean. Not that every guy wearing black is suffering for pain. haha no. But adding colors to wardrobe definitely enhances your mood.

Get comfortable in your skin & let everyone know your worth. Slay this season with pink. 💗

Feel free to comment down below 🙂

I’ll see you guys next week. :*


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Akshay Sharma


Nail art for Men- Introduction

Okay let’s get this straight. People won’t stop judging you no matter how high you get on their “Perfection meter” Let say if a girl is wearing shorts or her bra strap is visible or she’s having a smoke with her friends or all of the above, they won’t take another second to title her as a slut. And wait it doesn’t end here, if her body is fully covered with ethnic wear or a saree they’d call her a behenji or Gavar.

I personally got over this bullshit long time ago. Tell me what’s feminine to you? Few years ago men were tabooed to have piercings, colourful pants, long hair buns etc. They might address you with different slang but hey keeping a beard and having such a mentality doesn’t make you a lumbersexual but rather a bitch.


Men & women are not safe in our country walking alone at late night so forget about ‘free the nipple campaign’or ‘No Pants Friday’ to happen.

Anyway I said to myself let’s do something which you really really want to do & which brings you closer to the person who you really are. And hence Nail art is on of those things. Some of you will say “Ah! Definitely something is wrong this guy?”

But keeping my hopes held high, some of you might actually like this & say “Man! This shit is actually inspiring” Like they say ” Hope keeps us alive”.


Anyway so coming to today’s matter of attraction. I present you guys a whole new amazingly colourful concept of painting your nails or as we call it “Nail art for men” So I know I’m not the first one do this but usually you don’t see men in India wearing it. Maybe they don’t like it or consider it very feminine. But hey! If you think wearing beautiful colours make you less of a man? Shut down this article right away.

Fashion is limitless. Your mind has immense power to bring out beautiful and crazy ideas everyday. And this is what I truly believe in.


the above hand isn’t mine. haha.

On one hand people talk about equality, love, peace, justice for all. But on the other hand they become completely narrow minded & deny the fact that everybody has the right to do things the way they want.

Enough with this drama I’m starting here as if my readers actually believe and love this colorful piece of art. I had this in my mind for a long time but to bring it officially I had to go to proper nail art shop & so I did.


3rd floor Select Citywalk Saket

Nervous but confident outside, I headed to select citywalk to finally had it done. I entered & asked the nail art designer to get the art done on my hands. All of them went stunned as if they saw a monster or whatever haha. They said ” Sir we only do for girls” I replied ” Well, everybody has the same fingers & nails so how does it matter?” & after a quest they finally agreed to it.

As you can see there were many options out of which I chose these two as 1.) they looked pretty af. 2.) the colour combination went with my outfit. There were hundreds of variety you could choose from.


I’m a newbie so I really don’t know how to do it at home but I’m being taught by one of my friends. So yes it’s easy peasy japaneasy to get it done at your home.

Take it as my new year resolution though I don’t believe a thing like this exist. I’m gonna ship nail art as much as I can. This is just the intro.

Also I’ll bring you guys different crazy & uber fashion ideas and tips every now & then.

Stay tuned & spread love.

Don’t forget to write down your valuable comments down there.

Akshay Sharma


Jingle balls 2/2- Winter Bunny’s Tale

“Something Old, Something New. Something Borrowed, Something Blue. A sixpence in your Shoe”

Haha No I’m not getting married, definitely not this year. The quote represents my current winter bunny look. Something old- my red sweatshirt, something new- the shoes. Well nothing’s borrowed, just your love & obviously the navy blue trousers.



How’r you guys? I wish ya’ll a very happy crazy non-sober new year. So 2015 was sort of miserable cum magical year for me. I learned so many life lessons. Never stay sober happened which is like one good thing. Happy realisations happened.



Anyway so I’ve decided to shoot the shit outta 2016 & no matter how drilling it would be I’d still stand up high on the clouds. I wanna be happy on the saddest days, I would like to be nice to people when it’ll be hard to do so. I’d try not to lose my humanity when conditions will be worsened.



So coming to the point. Today I’m telling you a guys a story. A bunny’s tale. This bunny lived under a tree at a place called la la land. He was cute, awkward & lovable. I met him few months ago where he told me all his secrets to master all the hearts around the world.

He was wearing a red beanie. Totally warm & bright as a Christmas tree.



Beanie- punk.

He looked so cuddly in his red sweatshirt & when I asked him why is he wearing everything red. He replied ” one day bunny was heading back home after finishing his lunch at Mrs. Duckies house when suddenly he was attacked by a beast. He was wounded & so bunny went to Mr.Mudpie ( his family doctor). He cured bunny & told him to make new friends so that he’s never alone & hence can’t be attacked by vicious beasts. And in order to do so he told him to wear RED as it attracts happy people & it’s a merry color”




Swearshirt- UCB.

He was wearing a blue trouser. Skinny showing the curves. Asking about it the bunny told that he always wanted to go for navy but he couldn’t so instead he wears a navy blue trouser everyday. Hahahah. Please no logic.



Trouser- H&M.

His rounded shades looked so dapper. He wore it like he owned it.

The solid red color socks was surely a highlight of the look.

Coming to the amazing new shoes he was wearing. They were to die for. Designed by one of his friends. They looked copper dropper & full on hopper.


Formal shoes- Amen.

He told me when it gets very very cold & there’s no one to cuddle or comfort him. He hides into his black leather jacket which he got from miss zara panda. It looked warm & probably’ll save him from upcoming storms.



leather jacket- Zara.

He said when the sun sometimes doesn’t shine so bright he wears his cute little specs. Also he can’t see without em so it’s his compulsory accessory. He was also wrapped around a brown belt.



Specs- Mark Jacobs.

He was getting late so at last he asked me if I would like to his new friend & I hugged him and said ” yes mr. Bunny I find you super funny. I shall meet you when the weather is sunny. Till then take care & be fabulous Coz you’re as sweet as honey”


So that’s how he turned out to be super fashionable bunny of all time. Hahaha.



Go try the look this winter & don’t forget to tell me how you find it in comments below.

Break some balls.


Akshay Sharma


Christmas special- Jingle Balls (1/2)

ho ho hoe..

I’m happy. And this season I want to share my happiness with you guys. Things I love: stars, colors, caps, comfort, ice creams, winter chills. This post is filled with the balloons of happiness, style & Christmas spirit.
Don’t correct me, it’s not bells it’s BALLS because I love round figures. And no matter how much you deny it, you do too. Haha.
I’m super excited for this Christmas.
So part 1 of my Jingle balls special is about how you can look totally chic even when you aren’t even trying and while just enjoying your favourite ice-cream in the best weather possible.
I wish you guys were there with me at the moment I was shooting this. The shoot was just an excuse to have my favourite Baskin-Robbins Black currant. Haha.

Okay let me start with presenting you guys my uber cool super warm and totally dope Star sweatshirt. This beautiful thing I got last year and had no time to show off as it was already summer and was too hot to wear this awesome shiz.


Sweatshirt- forever 21 men.

The red trousers. This was the first red pant I ever bought when it didn’t even arrive in fashion. It’s loose but I still love it anyway. People used to see me as if I was a clown. But hey when have I ever given a fuck about what losers think of me? Hahaha. *bitch mode on*



Trousers- Freecultr

Here’s comes the most appealing piece of cloth. The red beanie. Okay I know now you must wondering where the hell can I get that from? Yes? Haha I’m in love with this beanie.
It keeps me warm, looks super dope & on the top IT’S FUCKING RED!!!!


IMG_7608Beanie- PUNK.

Red gives me a sense of joy. I never feel sad when wearing this color. And yeah I know I look super cute wearing red so yeah that’s another reason why I love red.
Red is energising and has passion. It excites you and motivates the shit outta you.



The black espadrilles of course are my regulars. Comfortable, trending & totally worth buying.

Espadrilles- Koovs.

Accessories- so if you’re a regular follower you must be knowing I’m totally in love with nail art for men. Though I haven’t seen much of it in India. But I’m loving it & so totally shipping it.
I didn’t get time to get a proper nail art done. But I tried. It might look stupid to you hahaha but anyway soon A FULL POST dedicated to NAIL ART FOR MEN will be up.



The black beads. Evergreen and all time fav.
My specs because I literally can’t see the world without em.



So all you mortified souls out there. You have suffered enough. This Christmas tell the world that you owe nothing & you’re a free pixie.

Jingle balls part 2/2 is coming out very soon.

Stay tuned & spread love.


Akshay Sharma.