The Jenner Trap

Here’s to kingK.

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Pop culture defines the way we look at life (well! most of us) & I’m no exception. Creating something unusual, something which eliminates mediocrity completely, is just another way to express! & if you’ve ever closely observed I’d like to go extreme because a little extra hurts no one, does it?

Call it a contribution to my forever obsession, call it whatever! It’s here, it’s out there.

The idea hit when I was overwhelmed to hear her pregnancy rumours & immediately   planned to create some looks from my existing wardrobe with some additions (like t-shirts, accessories such as fishnet, belts etc.) Anyway, words won’t justify the aesthetics so I’ll keep it brief for you to enjoy this photo series.


Photography: Karan Prakash

Edits by me.

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Akshay Sharma


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You know that moment when you’re mad but you really don’t know why? Because
your feelings are so fucking blended. Everything’s jumbled up, even your emotions. No matter how hard you try to suppress, it vents out sooner or later. And the longer the suppression, the worse is the mental breakdown. I feel our minds are like unbreakable balloons & when they get filled up, more than their capacity, they explode. Getting me? No. Okay. All I’m trying to say Read More

Lookbook- Amazon India Fashion Week Autumn/Winter 2017

A constant fear of smudging up the lipstick you’re wearing for the first time. Never knew it’d be a gruelling task to control sneezing when down with cold & no idea of how to chomp a burger without ruining everything…

Hi fam! I attended this week’s most anticipated event which every fashion enthusiast sits tight for. The Amazon India Fashion Week Autumn-Winter ’17 with Maybelline New York and boy! It was all glitzy & glamorous.
From veteran designers to street style-inspired folk, ramp walks with captivating jazz music in the background to celebs spotting, it was one big fashion fiesta.

Document hthfh_23 (1)

It was my first official drop in on the fashion week. Read More