The Wedding Collection ’17 – Season Special

This is a shoutout to all the overly dressed, emotional, high strung & hyper aunties, always up for an interrogation/ rapid fire round whenever they bump into us. “Beta shaadi ho gayi aapke? ” “Acha salary kitne hai?” & to all the brainsick, maniacal uncles intoxicated with alcohol, constantly comparing you with their sons but too drunk to notice that their pants are slowly sliding down. Haha yes! The wedding season has barged in & I’m talking about a big fat punjabi wedding where everybody just loves to create a scene. Disputes emerging everywhere, literally from paneer tikka to ‘Dulhan ka fancy lehga‘.


Hello drunkards! How have you been? Hope y’all having fun unlike this boy who has been sucked off to the last drop by his new city life. Who said college is fun? Ugh! Anyway! It’s that time of the year again when girls cut down on calories & boys do extra flexing, to look extraaa at their friend’s or cousin’s wedding, tantalising everyone around them!



And so if you’re planning to attend a wedding this year, you just can’t afford to skip reading this story. Period. (YES! READ THE FUCK UP, DON’T YOU DARE SCROLL DOWN FOR PICTURES)


As we grow up, we tend to hate going to these mocked up ceremonies created by our heteronormative society but hey! At the same time we can’t say no to our mum either, asking us to accompany & tag along with her. Hence, it’s better if you go, you bring out the A game.

Indian Wedding Season 2017Hottest New Trends

  1. Colors are making a comeback!– Yay! Enough with all the minimalism, pastel & all-white weddings.
  2. Technology stepping in– You won’t believe the other day I spent 4 hours watching a live-stream wedding on Instagram. Now if that’s not futuristic, I don’t know what is.
  3. Bride with Aviators & sneakers– Umm. Okay!! Quickly moving on…
  4. Day time weddings– Even in Delhi, Yes. Why? I. You can do so much more with the décor. II. Budget booster! You save money on booking the venue.
  5. E- invites, destination wedding venues, pre wedding shoots & more.


Wedding AttireWhether to Buy or Rent?

Decisions, decisions! You can either own it or lease it. The former might give you short term satisfaction but would definitely cost an arm & a leg, the latter won’t. My tip is: Contemplate & then make your move. Either way, it depends on you. Come to a decision after considering all the factors such as your budget, purpose, season etc.


There are plenty of amazing platforms available online if you plan to rent your outfit.

Pros: You don’t have to struggle much to find out the right garment, easy delivery system, multiple options, haute couture, designer wear under your budget.

Cons: Fittings (though they’re options available to fix it according to your size), Internet can be unreliable at times but so can be your favourite tailor.



About the look:



This navy blue dupion silk sherwani is definitely an exemplary choice throwing all the newly wed vibes. Elaborated heavily with all-over golden jaal embroidery and murky buttons. It’s paired up with golden dupion silk chudidar which can be worn as another outfit if you wish to reduce the burden of heavy layers.

How to make the right choice while renting out?

There’s always an option to return back, so chill! Take a deep breath & follow these simple rules:

  1. Quality is non-negotiable: Make sure the fabric doesn’t look tawdry & tacky.
  2. Do not procrastinate: Start scrolling though the web so that you have time to fix things up, even in the worst case scenarios.
  3. Going over the board: Yes, you may! Experiment & explore, it’s a fucking wedding after all.
  4. Wedding type: Day or night, indoor or outdoor, location, etc. Keeping all these things in mind. You won’t want to look like a shiny furry ball in the day time or wear something dull & unilluminating at night, unless that’s your ‘thang’. No, please! Try not to do that.


Kurta & chudidar: Perfect for the never ending, add on occasions such as Mehndi, Sangeet & so many more.

Click here to rent the look 


Weddings are special, make them memorable. As for me, I would like to get hitched tomorrow if I could but I think I’d have to wait. Hope you guys liked the story, feel free to write down your opinions in the comment section below. Personal update: My exams are here, I’ll be MIA for the next few weeks but will be back super soon! :*


Till then, stay warm & stay humble.

Outfit Courtesy: Flyrobe

Photography: Vidit Jain Clicks


Akshay Sharma



Weekend Special- Gentlemen’s Club

Wanna have a pure splendid fashion experience like never before? Well I’ve something special for you guys today. A luxurious event for men’s lifestyle happening in the heart of our city with participation of all the leading fashion brands. Not just that it’s a consolidation of fashion, fitness, travel, accessories, liquor, cigars and much more. Everything you could wonder under one canopy. A crazy new concept providing all the men out there a chance to get all fancy. And for all the beautiful ladies out there? Wait! A surprise later in the article.


Let’s get into attractions:

For all the booze lovers, a Wine & malt tasting session for not letting you stay sober. Get tipsy & drink till you drop. But hey! Be wise.

Presence of all the luxurious brands for men’s lifestyle. There will be separate stalls by various fashion experts & designers to showcase their marvellous work.


A cigar bar for all smoke solicitors. Make rings & hearts and have a lavish experience.

For all the stunning ladies a special section of jewellery, cosmetics, spa facilities and much more.

VIP lounge, Live art, supper theatre, media coverage etc are some other fascinating reasons for you guys not to miss this amazing event.


Excited much? Well there’s a lot more for our dainty Indian men. It’s a one time opportunity to enhance the inner dapper in you.

Let’s dive into the brief history behind the gentlemen’s club. It’s a joint venture by two ladies who are totally opposite for each other. Poonam Gurbuxani Puri & Smriti Puri. One having experience as an investment banker & other having an pervasive knowledge about art and fashion. Being from different streams they increase the perimeter of the club which makes it so appealing.


So if you’re a fashion enthusiast or thinking of establishing a brand or even a regular corporate executive who spends all his time worrying about what to wear every morning, this is surely the place to be. And for all the ladies accompanying their men, another reason to get pampered &  be treated as the queen you are. haha so grab the chance.


I look forward for the amazing experience & to see you guys on the event.


Happening at Indigo One gold mile famous for its stunning interiors and European food.


Date: 20th & 21st February 2016

Time: 12 AM to 12PM

Here’s the official fb link: Gentlemen’s club

For more queries:

Call at: 09899169690, 09873869690


Stay tuned & spread love

Akshay Sharma.