Workwear: 2 New Summer Office Looks You Can Pull Off In Less Than A Minute

They’re morning people & then they’re nocturnal asses like you & me. Hello! Life’s a mess for millennials & has its own ways to kick them hard in the guts, okay. Just when you think you’re done waking up early every morning after school/college, office’s ready to knock you up (or else you end up being unemployed, living on your dad’s mercy, which is worse. Anyway.) No matter how much we despise, we all need those pay checks to live by the weekend, don’t we? Today, I won’t promise to make things go trouble-free but I’d surely help you to get through by making them a little uncomplicated.

I partnered with Myntra & created these 2 new summer looks for those early morning office meetings & evening night-outs straight from your work place, which you can easily pull off with least efforts.


Honestly, these are the simplest looks I’ve ever assembled & the most basic I’ve EVER been. Nevertheless, quite happy with end results. See for yourself:

Look 1:


If you’re lucky & have a work culture which allows you to go a little extra (just a little) then this one’s for you. Floral, pastels, whites & blues is all you need to keep it chic & suave this summer or any summer tbh because we all know there’s nothing ICONIC about them as literally everyone connects to these prints & colours in Spring-summer & hence enabling you to play safe. Not so on-the-face yet so out there.


Top- A white piece of ease with polo neck & short sleeves that you can pair up with a relaxed-fit chinos & slip on tennis shoes or sneakers. You can do so many permutations & combinations with this piece for e.g. these can easily be worn over a classic denim with white sneakers. Never ending possibilities, you see!


Price- Rs. 1399. Get 49% off on Myntra. Click here to buy. Brand- John Players

Bottom- A pastel blue, mid rise, top-of-the-line, regular fit trousers with a button closure & 4 pockets accessorised with an oversized belt giving a little 80s 90s retro hipster feels to the whole look. Another attire you can definitely try with these can be with a nicely tucked plain white or a black shirt.


Price- Rs. 2499. Get 60% off. Click here to buy. Brand- Invictus

Shoes- A pair of cushioned footbed, round-toe, white & blue printed slip on sneakers with rubber texture & pattern details outside, blending in, on fleek. The problem with your regular pair of office shoes is that you can’t really wear them when you’ve got to attend an evening get together/party straight after office with no time to go back home & change. Hence these (or other solid coloured) beauts should definitely be a part of your shoe rack!


Price- Rs. 3000. Get 60% off. Click here to buy. Brand- Jack & Jones

Related accessories: Round sunglasses-

Shop the look at:



Look 2:


A more effortless, straightforward & quickly manageable office look you can carry out on all those lazy Tuesdays. Well, not necessarily the way I have kept my buttons opened but yeah you get it! This season I’m all about neutral shades of beige, brown, ivory, grey etc. Continue to embrace my yeezy instincts, the same aesthetics you’ll even feel on my Insta feeds.



Top- A thin striped, mandarin collar, antimicrobial, beige linen shirt with long roll up sleeves, curved hem & a full button placket, perfect for those sweaty afternoon meetings. Later at night while going out for drinks with the gang you can put on a lightweight bomber jacket & possibly a kickass pair of boots.



Price: Rs. 1399. Get 50% off. Click here to buy. Brand- Ether

Bottom- We’ve come to a decision you guys! A white trouser (or sneakers) is no more a FAD! This slim fit, angle length, stretchable white denim is not going to obsolete, at least for the next few seasons. An year-round wear! & do I really have to mention in how many different ways you can rock this? (refer previous blog posts)


Price- Rs. 2099. Get 60% off. Click here to buy. Brand- Here&now


Related accessories: Golden Aviators – Ray Ban,  Suede shoes- United Colors of Benetton

Photography: ViditJain Clicks

Location courtesy: Lavonne 


That’s all I had planned for this post. Feel free to write down your opinion in the comment section below. Post your OOTD pictures & new outfits with hashtag #neverstaysober. I’ll see you guys super soon. Stay connected over my social media handles, I try & reply to all your queries & messages. And once again, thank you so much for supporting & letting me throw my creative mess all around you guys! Too much Love.


Stay humble,


Akshay Sharma


REITERATE: How to rock same outfit differently?

We all got that one old wrecked t shirt which now has holes but is so comfortable like someone is caressing your body or an old chocolate box where you’ve kept all your Pokemon cards you once collected.
We tend to grow feelings toward the things which once made us feel out of this world. I mean it’s subjective but it happens to me all the time. A guy so alone that he ends up talking to his pillow every night. Haha.

I’m learning to let go but some things are worth keeping (doesn’t include feelings for your ex, that’s gross!)
As much as I love wearing new clothes everyday, I also love to shake things up, wearing the same outfit differently.
It’s easy & most importantly won’t cost you a fortune.
As promised from my previous post ( LEAVESFLOWERS&PETRICHOR ) comes these two new different look.

LOOK 1 :

Okay all you gotta do is pick your favourite plain t shirt & pair it with your floral shorts.
Black, white or any other color depending on the shorts but try & choose a plain one.


Accessorise it with dog tags or any other locket and chain of your choice to make it look much cooler.

Those stunning shiny espadrilles from Koovs is still on my mind.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

T shirt- Forever 21
Spectacles – Lenskart


Pairing is an art. It can go completely inappropriate at times but with time you tend to master this art. I mean to be honest, the clothes I used to wear when I was 15 were so hideous that I wanna go back in time and kill myself. And now look where I am. Time teaches you so many things.
Never hesitate to try something new, something that your heart tells you to do. Maximum possibility is that some people might laugh at you. Well they gonna laugh anyway because that’s all those losers can do. 😊 Rise up your middle finger so high that they get jealous of your oomph.


Coming to the look, this shirt is looooove. It’s goes so well with any pair of trousers. Be it white, black or even navy blue might amaze you.
The linen trousers from Zara, totally comfy and appropriate to the weather.

I’ll suggest you go with the boots only if it’s a party or an event. Otherwise in this weather my personal choice is flip flops or espadrilles.
Round shades from lenskart are so dope & so chic & then obviously I’m gonna flaunt my mermaid blue hair because hello!


Shirt: H&M

Boots: Timberland

Already featured.
Details in my previous post- Link- LeavesFlowers&Petrichor- Be Summer ready.

Stay tuned for the next post and do share your thoughts in the comment section below. See you guys soon 😘

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