Trend ’17- How To Mix Clothes of Different Fabrics Like A Pro?| High Shine & Thirst Traps With Denim


You know that moment when you’re mad but you really don’t know why? Because
your feelings are so fucking blended. Everything’s jumbled up, even your emotions. No matter how hard you try to suppress, it vents out sooner or later. And the longer the suppression, the worse is the mental breakdown. I feel our minds are like unbreakable balloons & when they get filled up, more than their capacity, they explode. Getting me? No. Okay. All I’m trying to say Read More

Lookbook- Amazon India Fashion Week Autumn/Winter 2017

A constant fear of smudging up the lipstick you’re wearing for the first time. Never knew it’d be a gruelling task to control sneezing when down with cold & no idea of how to chomp a burger without ruining everything…

Hi fam! I attended this week’s most anticipated event which every fashion enthusiast sits tight for. The Amazon India Fashion Week Autumn-Winter ’17 with Maybelline New York and boy! It was all glitzy & glamorous.
From veteran designers to street style-inspired folk, ramp walks with captivating jazz music in the background to celebs spotting, it was one big fashion fiesta.

Document hthfh_23 (1)

It was my first official drop in on the fashion week. Read More

15 Fashion Trends You Must Follow This Year/ Obsolete Trends You Should Avoid- Men /Women

Not upgrading your wardrobe with the present-day trends is like sticking yourself in a bad relationship. It’s like keeping the cadaver of your dead cat, even when you know it’s dead af. The only wise decision is to move on, bury the remains & accept the inevitable change.
If you’re ever confused between white & black, choose blue. Pasta and risotto, order a lasagna. Coke & Pepsi, have a thumbs up. Doesn’t make sense? Well my point here is that sometimes wild choices make all the difference.  Also timing plays an essential role, if you aren’t up to date, chances are that you’re gonna lose the game.
Don’t worry! I have your back at least in making you aware of what’s trending in fashion? From NY Fashion Week to Indian Fashion Week, I’ve got you all covered.



The Velvet Vogue:
Velvet is making a huge comeback & I can not wait to fill up my wardrobe with this enchanting fabric.
From jumpsuits to tailored jackets, velvet & its allys like silk is booming everywhere these days. And why not? It looks so slinky, slutry & rich. I had plenty of ideas in my mind on how to add more quirkiness to plain velvet apparels & giving them an edge.
All black everything. (well mostly everything) Have a look at this black velvet hoodie from H&M.
Try & resist yourself but tell me honestly if you haven’t fallen in love with it already.
Benefits of having this stunning piece of clothing is that it saves you from the unpredictable weather because it’s not fully warm but just enough to give you that feeling of warm cuddles.

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Man Up With Pink- Birthday Special- How To Look Dapper This Wedding Season?/ The Lost Boy

No one truly interesting is universally liked except on his/her birthday. Hi fam, today’s the day I came out of my mum’s-gina just like you did. Needless to say, I feel special. A day wholly devoted to reminiscing, birthdays are like report cards. They tell you when you did yourself proud & when exactly you fucked up. A long time ago I decided,  whenever there’ll be a situation I’ll either sleep on it or drink my way through it. Trust me, it works most of the times.



Have you ever felt like talking to your younger self? Telling him/her about the unseeable future. I wish I could tell my 17-year-old self that before falling into love, make sure solitude fits him like a glove. That every person who gives him a candy is not necessarily his friend. That it’s okay if people stare at him, it only makes him special. That it’s okay to have his heart once broken, let go of people who aren’t good to him. That it’s all part of the game, that’s how it works. It’s more important to give a peck on his mother’s cheeks & giving a warm hug to his dad rather than texting “good night baby” text to his partner. Well we can’t go back in time, not yet. But we can patently work on the future.


One more year is added to the series of strange happenings. I’ve definitely become calmer than last year. I care a little, but still I care too much. I have stopped taking their words so seriously, but still I’m learning not to get affected by them. I somehow have survived the tragedies of adulthood & have kept myself grounded as much as possible.


But just when you think you have seen it all, life gives you a new shocking experience. Flipping & mostly tragic moments when you couldn’t imagine that this could happen to you. The self evaluation of my timeline reveals that I live in a generation where expressing your emotions is regarded as uncool. And that night stands are more common than having french fries.


Somehow I’m reaching to feel this weird sense of belongingness with my soul which I couldn’t feel in past few years. Maybe I was too busy doping my mind with things which gave me happiness, temporarily. Or maybe I’ve started respecting myself more than I did before.


Finding contentment in small pleasures, which life gives you as surprises. Just enough courage to deal with another fuckup & face it bravely. Life seems deceptive, everything seems to fall apart but as you grow up, you realise that it’s the darkness in your mind which creates the monsters.


I’ve had enough fancy things on previous birthdays. Two days before, I’m writing this article & my mind is entirely blank on how am I going to celebrate this year?. Anyway first let’s start with today’s outfit.


The old blazer story
I was an above average kid in my school days. Always up for random competitions & participations.(not sports of course) And so they used to have these royal blue (so called scholar) blazers for 2 or 3 genetically inbred nerdy Eisenstein kids in my class. Honestly I gave zero fucks to this ritual of treating some kids superior to other kids in school. But anyway I was young & dumb (& if it’s hasn’t been established yet, I’m in love with the colour BLUE. All shades of blue, blue this, blue that, blue everything. Don’t believe me? Scroll down to my summer articles.) I went back home, asked my dad to get me a blue blazer (in a sad voice) because the teacher didn’t give me one. And guess what! I had a dapper blue blazer, perfectly stitched, in my wardrobe within the same week. Isn’t he the best dad in the world? ❤️


And after that, as I grew bigger he made sure that I’ve enough blue things. Like this jacket from Van Heusen


Does it sound sad if I say that once in while I buy flowers for myself? It doesn’t, right. I’ve been doing this for almost an year now.

It’s not about the tags they put on you, it’s all about knowing who you truly are & what’s your real strength, the purpose of your existence.
Touch your shadow & feel yourself because no one will ever be more committed to your body than you yourself.


Making everything so chic & suave. Giving an edge, the pink trouser’s clearly the star of my birthday outfit. Ankled length, slim fit, exquisitely stitched.

Shirt & Trouser: Blackberrys Menswear

Belt: Levi’s 

Pink Sunglasses: Coolwinks 


Bow Tie- Forever21

Yes! There’re different innovative ways to slay a bow tie. When you feel to clingy, you can simply put your bow tie on the the pocket of your blazer. It gives a fresh look to the whole outfit.


Brogues: Filled up with ease & elegance, these brogues gives sharpness & coordinates with the jacket. Koovs

Related Accessories:

Rose brooch: From Amazon Fashion

Socks: Happysocks / Nose Ring- Thrifted from Kasol


Watch: Tag Heuer, Never leave from your house without wearing an alluring watch, especially when the whole look just seems incomplete without it.



That’s all for today, I’ve gotta put my mind into finding ideas for celebrating my birthday. There’s an absolute probability that I’m already tipsy while you’re reading this article.


See you guys soon. XO

Location Courtesy: Vapour Bar Exchange

Photography: Einsjordan

Akshay Sharma


Quirky Cunts: 4 New hip kicks.

This is to all the tender- hearted, compassionate lovers out there. Get out of the shirk immediately if he tells you to slow down on fries or if she only uses you for a new cologne. Would you wanna spend another second with that person? Certainly no. Also It’s 2017 no one should judge you if you’re dark skinned or too pale, asexual or with a sex tape. Thin or thick booties, they are to be worshipped equally, Right? Rule #69 of How to piss off temporary people in your life? says pizza is above all fuckboys. And then he’s not your dad, so stop entertaining his calls when he tries to impose his passion on you. Or when she just wanna do unnecessary baby talks at night after a long day at the shopping mall. Ugh! Why roam around with emotional baggage? Fuckboys are just like parasites, they feed on your weaknesses & hey don’t get me wrong I’m all for everlasting love & always have been a fitness preacher. But it’s important to know the difference between constructive criticism & plain bullshitting. No matter how much I refrain myself from meeting such people, god bombards these self proclaimed fitness models one after another in my life. Quick personal mention! So I met this person last week who I thought would be super chivalrous & intellectual but FML he turned out to be a silent cry for help. Yes! He suffered from this thing called the “douche bag syndrome” Basically improper drainage system in his mind, full of shit opinions & judgmental thoughts.



As you can guess from the title, this week I’m gonna help you guys to slightly quirk things up! Well actually a lot.

Filling up with new trends & definitely stepping up your outfit game.




The crop top movement has existed since 1970s. Mathew McConaughey, Zac Efron, Mark Wahlberg, Will Smith, Johny Depp are just few examples of men who broke the stereotype “dudes don’t wear crop tops”

Well wear whatever the fuck your heart says & your ass approves. Here’s my attempt & contribution.

Crop-top: Uptown18

Denim- Levis, Sunglasses- Marc Jacobs.

Pair up the slogan crop tops with your favourite pair of denims & possibly a leather jacket if the cold persists.


Duffel Bag: Hidesign




Palazzos prominently came into trend around 1960s & 70s. Flared out evenly from waist, palazzos are undeniably comfortable & surely trending back. Don’t even care if they weren’t. This beautiful metallic thing is eye catchy & quirky enough to dazzle up your whole look. And it becomes even more special when a man is roaming around wearing this on the streets full of basic people.

Pledge to never dress up sober.



Palazzo: Koovs

Bomber jacket goes perfectly with this look. Also everything’s fair for the sake of fashion but I try not to fall sick deliberately when the weather is so fucking cruel outside.

Bomber: Zara

Sneakers, nothing else. Okay? Okay.


Sneakers: H&M.




Slay tee- Uptown18, Ripped shorts: H&M.

Lately I’ve been getting  compliments like ” yellow is definitely your colour” Do I look cute in yellow? Idk because someone said the same thing about red when the Christmas post came out. Also if you noticed Yellow was so prominent at The Golden Globes this year.

I definitely love experimenting with colours. So back in the days when I was around 14/15 with hell lot of insecurities & acne of course. I used to think I look so fucking fat in bright colours like yellow or red or even white. Few years later, I ended up wearing the same bright colours, not thinking of how fat or thin I look. Inspiring enough? No. okay.





This is by far the dopest thing I have ever had in my life. No seriously! This is an investment bruh. So now every time I go to a club, I can literally lit up the whole damn place. Aren’t these the coolest? Screaming beauties, you can’t keep calm after wearing these trainers. And pocket friendly? Absofuckinglutely.

Trainers: Koovs

2017 has just started, be strong.Try not to repeat the same mistakes. It’s important to learn your lessons. But even then something happens? Drink up! Listen to Ariana Grande & chill the fuck up.

Don’t forget to share your opinions in the comment section below.

PhotographyAiyush Taneja

I’ll see you guys soon.

Stay warm, stay humble.

Akshay Sharma


Nail art for Men- Introduction

Okay let’s get this straight. People won’t stop judging you no matter how high you get on their “Perfection meter” Let say if a girl is wearing shorts or her bra strap is visible or she’s having a smoke with her friends or all of the above, they won’t take another second to title her as a slut. And wait it doesn’t end here, if her body is fully covered with ethnic wear or a saree they’d call her a behenji or Gavar.

I personally got over this bullshit long time ago. Tell me what’s feminine to you? Few years ago men were tabooed to have piercings, colourful pants, long hair buns etc. They might address you with different slang but hey keeping a beard and having such a mentality doesn’t make you a lumbersexual but rather a bitch.


Men & women are not safe in our country walking alone at late night so forget about ‘free the nipple campaign’or ‘No Pants Friday’ to happen.

Anyway I said to myself let’s do something which you really really want to do & which brings you closer to the person who you really are. And hence Nail art is on of those things. Some of you will say “Ah! Definitely something is wrong this guy?”

But keeping my hopes held high, some of you might actually like this & say “Man! This shit is actually inspiring” Like they say ” Hope keeps us alive”.


Anyway so coming to today’s matter of attraction. I present you guys a whole new amazingly colourful concept of painting your nails or as we call it “Nail art for men” So I know I’m not the first one do this but usually you don’t see men in India wearing it. Maybe they don’t like it or consider it very feminine. But hey! If you think wearing beautiful colours make you less of a man? Shut down this article right away.

Fashion is limitless. Your mind has immense power to bring out beautiful and crazy ideas everyday. And this is what I truly believe in.


the above hand isn’t mine. haha.

On one hand people talk about equality, love, peace, justice for all. But on the other hand they become completely narrow minded & deny the fact that everybody has the right to do things the way they want.

Enough with this drama I’m starting here as if my readers actually believe and love this colorful piece of art. I had this in my mind for a long time but to bring it officially I had to go to proper nail art shop & so I did.


3rd floor Select Citywalk Saket

Nervous but confident outside, I headed to select citywalk to finally had it done. I entered & asked the nail art designer to get the art done on my hands. All of them went stunned as if they saw a monster or whatever haha. They said ” Sir we only do for girls” I replied ” Well, everybody has the same fingers & nails so how does it matter?” & after a quest they finally agreed to it.

As you can see there were many options out of which I chose these two as 1.) they looked pretty af. 2.) the colour combination went with my outfit. There were hundreds of variety you could choose from.


I’m a newbie so I really don’t know how to do it at home but I’m being taught by one of my friends. So yes it’s easy peasy japaneasy to get it done at your home.

Take it as my new year resolution though I don’t believe a thing like this exist. I’m gonna ship nail art as much as I can. This is just the intro.

Also I’ll bring you guys different crazy & uber fashion ideas and tips every now & then.

Stay tuned & spread love.

Don’t forget to write down your valuable comments down there.

Akshay Sharma


NO SHAVE NOVEMBER: 10 Do’s & Dont’s : Easy steps for maintaining your bushy beard.




Wear your own fur. It’s easy to dream to about it but takes hell lot of guts to maintain a beard. They’re classy but not when they aren’t in proper state & surely not when they seem greasy and unhygienic. I’ve seen men with beard dandruff and even with beardbugs, yes they do exist.

Stop it!! Will you?  I’m here with all the tricks and tips you need to know for growing and maintaining a sexy bushy daddy beard.

No shave bomber with love :-

DO’s :

1. God almighty, let it grow. Let it grow man. Have patience. Don’t try to trim it even when it’s not fully grown. PATIENCE IS THE KEY AND MEANWHILE WATCH GLEE.

2. Once it’s grown, choose a mild shampoo & conditioner for nourishing the roots. NO ANTI-DANDRUFFs please. It’s your face not your head.



3. EAT HEALTHY. Yeah you heard it right. Eating habits plays a very critical role for growing a healthy beard. More hair, better beard.


4. Use After Shave- Using after shave is advisable on freshly trimmed beard. It heals all the cut and acts like a protection layer.



5. Beard oil- Use beard oil especially made for making your beard stronger and shiner.


1. SLEEP LATE: You must be wondering how sleeping can be related to a beard. But a good sleep is all that you want, not only it is good for your skin but for your facial hair too. So no late night movies & no after & after after parties. No kikis.



2. Don’t use dryer. Please I’ve seen my friends drying up their beards with a dryer. PLEASE NO. It’s bad for your skin, hair and everything else.

3.  RUBBING :  DON’T rub your beard too much. It’ll only end up in rashes and red marks. No bro no rubbin’.


4. I’ve seen people using coconut or mustard oil. Are you guys insane or what? It stinks like hell. STFU.


5. Hello from the other side. Can you hear me? Never wash your face with HOT water.

BEARDS are in trend. Studies suggest that they increase your social status. Bulls#%/ haha.And hey it’s absolutely alright if you wanna quit growing one, Okay? if it makes you go nuts then you are good with your chikna face.

Fashion & trends: Men & Manbuns : 5 Instagram eyecandies you must check out.

‘Long hair, don’t care’

These men are like tiny liquor bottles. They give you a high like marijuana, never letting you stay sober.

The term “man bun” is a term used to describe long-haired men with pulled back hair twisted or plaited. Different from the trend of short back and sides.
Men with long hair supposedly tend to use this style for practicality and heat relief rather than a particular fashion or trend.

In India we normally see a girl having a bun. Hardly any man is captured to have it.

But with time, Indian mentality is shaking and men are willing to pay attention on their figure & hairdo. They’re turning up for parlours. Now when I go to a salon, I see at least 3 to 4 men either getting their pedicure or facial done. And there’s nothing wrong in it I mean who doesn’t want to take care of his/her skin, hair etc. Metrosexuality is surely hitting us hard.
Manbuns are superfun. Jared Leto, Chris Hemsworth, David Beckham, Shia labeouf are just few examples, you name it, my list is never ending. But it becomes very essential to take proper care of your hair if they’re long. It’s hectic and time consuming.

TIPS (for ladies too):

1. Choose your shampoo and conditioner very carefully according to the hair type. They aren’t the same.

2. Wash your hair at least 2 or 3 times in a week.

3. Never use hot water. It’s a NO NO.

4. Okay it’s a myth that coconut oil helps in growing more hair. But gives your proper nourishment. Yes it does. Alternative- olive oil, castor.

Done with my beauty tips, now let’s come back to the big fish.Buns are a classic mess. Tragically beautiful. Everybody should try it but if they can carry it off, is totally a subjective matter. For me, yes I’m flamboyant and I’m growing one too. Pictures soon. Hence I’m basically saying man buns are irresistible & girls tend to drool over these men.
Here’s my handpicked Instagram stars with amazing Manbuns.
1. Josh Mcaree


Model| entrepreneur .

Instagram – joshmacaree

No. 1 on my list. Sexy, rough and rowdy

Long hair don’t care &

We totally love this.

Makes you loco.


2. Nitin chauhan

Instagram- nitin688

Mumbai India


Desi masala and totally crazy.

3 Brock O’hurn

Instagram- brockohurn

LA | entrepreneur

Reminds me of Thor. Looking for the sword?! Haha.


4 Lasse L. Matberg

Instagram- lasselom

Norway | Navy

6’6 and his hair is better than a shitzu dog.


5. Chase Cameron

Singer | songwriter


Instagram – _chasecameron
Every girl’s weakness. He has a guitar , a voice to melt, and a man bun to go gaga over. Get away with him on a roman holiday.



They say long haired men are better at heart. So the next time you see a hot man with a bun, go grab him. Don’t get embarrassed if you lose control. Haha. Just kidding !!
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