Pseudo Lookbook- Amazon India Fashion Week Spring/Summer’18

Camera’s clicking, models on runway unruffled with those designer wear, trying to channelize their alter ego as if gaga whispering into their ear saying, “Walk – walk fashion baby, work it move that bitch crazy”.

Why that reference in particular if you may ask? Well, I couldn’t make it to the Amazon India Fashion Week SS18 which we fashion junkies look forward to attend & be spell bound by flamboyant designs that elevate our sense of existence, as I was caught up muddling through my new city life. But hey! That didn’t stop me from dressing up & embracing aesthetically appealing outfits! Just like last season, making an impact. Remember, NO? ( Link to AIFWAW17Lookbook- Amazon India Fashion Week Autumn/Winter 2017 )


Hello drunkards! I know it has been a sad century & so I thought why not serve you guys a fresh hell & lit you up with something exceptional. Here I am, your boy with 2 new pseudo looks for the fashion week. If I would’ve gone I would’ve slayed only for 2 days & not more. Why? because it’s tiring af to scrape by all the 5 days, tbh. Too much whining, yeah? Let the glam begin!

Pseudo Day 1

Look I


This outfit is from a collection called Samudra Manthan which is one of the well-known episodes of the Hindu mythology of obtaining 14 valuables that were sunk in the ocean, the story behind it is used in symbolic form where the fabrics play a key role is representing the elements of the story. The integration of the design and fabric in abstraction has turned out to be something you’d desire to wear at such an event being at your best, keeping your A game on & feeling not just fabulous but phenomenal.


The ensemble is so utterly experimental that it definitely catches the eye & make heads turn. It lures you to try it on and wear it down the god damn red carpet & pose for those camera’s flashing! Also this piece is not just about an appearance shot but rather about you, making a statement for everyone to begin questioning their choices.

Footwear: Aldo


Designer: Jubinav Chadha

Pseudo Day 2

Look II


The event is all about expressing your sense of style and individuality in a way one would perceive you to be like that fresh breath of air that blew Marilyn Monroe’s skirt and she still had to put on a smile trying to hold it down, which is now an iconic pose. Similarly, the fabric and outfit is not always that easy to carry off but the trick is to smile and have fun while you flaunt it!


Be fearless to carry this wherever you go, the designs are made in such a way they uplifts one’s spirit, boosting a person’s self-esteem to not give a “two fux” about what one has to criticize. They’re carefully designed for a modern man who dares to break the stereotypical pre-conceived notions & institute a quirky look for one to be remembered. So, take the chance to explore the suave you, be it a party or a social event.


Quickly coming to the end of this story & keeping it a brief encounter because I’ll rather shut my blabber mouth down than to ruin the aesthetics by over explaining things, here. To all those who missed me at the event, I truly appreciate your affection & I absofuckinlutely adore you guys & those who didn’t, I love you peeps too! Keeping the hopes high, you’d certainly see me in the next season or I tend to show up in some or the other jazzy event anyway. Until then keep tuning through social media handles where I try & reply to all the relevant texts as much as I can.


Do keep a track of my Instagram feeds, they’re booming. Stories, snaps & live feeds for everyday fashion tips & to have a glimpse of my hidden personal life (not so personal anymore). Feel free to write your opinion/suggestions in the comment section below.


                                 L O O K B O O K

Outfit courtesyJubinav Chadha

Photography– Flawed Frames


See you soon. xo

Stay humble, stay stoned


Akshay Sharma




Lookbook- Amazon India Fashion Week Autumn/Winter 2017

A constant fear of smudging up the lipstick you’re wearing for the first time. Never knew it’d be a gruelling task to control sneezing when down with cold & no idea of how to chomp a burger without ruining everything…

Hi fam! I attended this week’s most anticipated event which every fashion enthusiast sits tight for. The Amazon India Fashion Week Autumn-Winter ’17 with Maybelline New York and boy! It was all glitzy & glamorous.
From veteran designers to street style-inspired folk, ramp walks with captivating jazz music in the background to celebs spotting, it was one big fashion fiesta.

Document hthfh_23 (1)

It was my first official drop in on the fashion week. Read More

Weekend Special- Gentlemen’s Club

Wanna have a pure splendid fashion experience like never before? Well I’ve something special for you guys today. A luxurious event for men’s lifestyle happening in the heart of our city with participation of all the leading fashion brands. Not just that it’s a consolidation of fashion, fitness, travel, accessories, liquor, cigars and much more. Everything you could wonder under one canopy. A crazy new concept providing all the men out there a chance to get all fancy. And for all the beautiful ladies out there? Wait! A surprise later in the article.


Let’s get into attractions:

For all the booze lovers, a Wine & malt tasting session for not letting you stay sober. Get tipsy & drink till you drop. But hey! Be wise.

Presence of all the luxurious brands for men’s lifestyle. There will be separate stalls by various fashion experts & designers to showcase their marvellous work.


A cigar bar for all smoke solicitors. Make rings & hearts and have a lavish experience.

For all the stunning ladies a special section of jewellery, cosmetics, spa facilities and much more.

VIP lounge, Live art, supper theatre, media coverage etc are some other fascinating reasons for you guys not to miss this amazing event.


Excited much? Well there’s a lot more for our dainty Indian men. It’s a one time opportunity to enhance the inner dapper in you.

Let’s dive into the brief history behind the gentlemen’s club. It’s a joint venture by two ladies who are totally opposite for each other. Poonam Gurbuxani Puri & Smriti Puri. One having experience as an investment banker & other having an pervasive knowledge about art and fashion. Being from different streams they increase the perimeter of the club which makes it so appealing.


So if you’re a fashion enthusiast or thinking of establishing a brand or even a regular corporate executive who spends all his time worrying about what to wear every morning, this is surely the place to be. And for all the ladies accompanying their men, another reason to get pampered &  be treated as the queen you are. haha so grab the chance.


I look forward for the amazing experience & to see you guys on the event.


Happening at Indigo One gold mile famous for its stunning interiors and European food.


Date: 20th & 21st February 2016

Time: 12 AM to 12PM

Here’s the official fb link: Gentlemen’s club

For more queries:

Call at: 09899169690, 09873869690


Stay tuned & spread love

Akshay Sharma.