Man/Woman Crush of the Month-Nyle DiMarco & Mary Lambert

She’s a bomb. She makes you numb.
She’s witty. She’s so god damn pretty.
He can’t speak since he was born, but his baby blue eyes has its own melodious horn.
He’s dumb, he’s fire. With his bubble bass drums, he definitely inspires.
She’s awkward, she’s gay. She loves donuts & she prays.

Beauty is inspirational & so are they. I’m finally adding a section where every month I am going to tell you guys my one man/woman crush & how they inspire me.

Let us start with the girl who with her music videos helped the youth to get over their insecurities including mine. She’s one of the reasons I stand with my head held high no matter what.

Mary Danielle Lambert, born in 1989, had a tragic childhood which includes being physically abused by her father among other horrible things.
She has contributed to LGBTQ community with her battle through emotionally charged soundtracks & spoken word songs, poems.


She came out when she was 17 & after that this bubble butt barbie has always been fabulous. She’s a role model for all the people out there suffering from depression, anxiety, hatred & disappointment from their own self.

She persuades to fall in love with your body & that it’s okay to wear crop tops & swimsuits & tight shorts, basically whatever the fuck your heart says to wear. 😘

I’m recommending some of her best work which includes Same love, Secrets, Ribcage, Sum of our parts etc.

Link to something you wish you had seen earlier :



Nyle DiMarco

American model, actor, deaf activist and the winner of America Next Top Model cycle 22, Nyle DiMarco was born in Queens, New York on May 8, 1989. He also won the 22nd season of Dancing with the Stars.


If this man doesn’t inspire you to become who you always wanted to be, I don’t know what will.
His creativity, talent & hard work fling aside all the hurdles he had with his disability.

He’s a top model with constant appearances around the globe. He walked for Giorgio Armani at Milan Fashion week in June 2016. No one can do anything with their physical disabilities but constantly working on it, make them unstoppable.

antm cycle 22, capitulo 3, Nyle & Delanie




Dismiss all your problems, no matter how vulnerable you are, patience & persistence can do wonders. Not that I don’t have my low moments, I’ve now started to find that little ray of hope which keeps me going & helps me get through.

You got this.

Stay humble, spread love & do what you love.

I’ll see you guys next week 😘

Akshay Sharma