Ways To Step Up Your Summer Game / With FCUK New Collection

#EmbraceTheHeat with the new FCUK summer collection

Oh hello there! you must have been experiencing a lot of insta content lately but it’s been a while that I actually wrote a piece for this handle. I miss writing but you can’t really do anything when life happens to you, giving you no time to do what you really want to do, right? Anyway I thought instead of creating these 2 new summer looks an insta affair, I’d make an effort & write briefly on its style.


Coming to the looks, I’ve curated pieces from FCUK’s new summer collection & blended it with my aesthetics.


all about shades of army green, brown & stripes

Details: A vertical stripe with a stitched branding patch on the chest, this t-shirt is perfect for a club night worn underneath a bomber or jacket. Here, I’ve paired it with a beige jacket with double sided pockets.


Trouser: An army green mid rise chinos that’d help you elevate your everyday style. For a versatile look that can take you from a nice dinner to a sports bar with friends, you can pull off this green pair with a collared shirt and lightweight blazer. Trouser- Zara


Boots: A pair of kickass suede brown boots to complete the look. Related accessories: Brown round reflectors to keep those unwanted stares away! Boots- H&M 




I’ve always shipped pink as a colour, be it on any occasion & when it comes to street fashion it’s a game changer. I even dedicated a blog post to pink on streets a while ago (here’s the link) Coming to this look:


This floral polo t-shirt from FCUK summer collection is a bomb. You can pull it off underneath a white blazer for those office meetings or you can even pair it with your white shorts or any other pastel which coordinates properly with this beaut.


I’ve curated this look keeping in mind that it should not just be another t-shirt & shorts attire & hence enhancing with different accessories. A long yellow coloured belt which pops up & a purple round fanny pack with yellow string.

Belt & fanny pack- Shein


Going well with your everyday white sneakers & lately I’ve become obsessed with socks & so here acing my sock game with these pretty banana pink socks from H&M. Shoes-westside stores

8CF33879-E160-458D-ADC7-76345A02EB34Also fulfilling my queen fantasies by rocking these pair of gloves to give that extra bit to the whole look. Not for everyone, agreed but there’s no harm in being a little OTT.

7F54F905-0211-4C12-BD49-0BE980577B48You can check out FCUK new summer collection which has some really dope wardrobe essentials including these. That’s all for now, let me know if you guys would like me to write more blogs on this handle. For now, I’m super active on Insta so for all the Inspo, hit up there! muah.

Photography: Manasi KJ


Stay hydrated, stay humble

Akshay Sharma


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