The Jenner Trap

Here’s to kingK.

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Pop culture defines the way we look at life (well! most of us) & I’m no exception. Creating something unusual, something which eliminates mediocrity completely, is just another way to express! & if you’ve ever closely observed I’d like to go extreme because a little extra hurts no one, does it?

Call it a contribution to my forever obsession, call it whatever! It’s here, it’s out there.

The idea hit when I was overwhelmed to hear her pregnancy rumours & immediately   planned to create some looks from my existing wardrobe with some additions (like t-shirts, accessories such as fishnet, belts etc.) Anyway, words won’t justify the aesthetics so I’ll keep it brief for you to enjoy this photo series.


Photography: Karan Prakash

Edits by me.

Feel free to write your opinions in the comment section below, xo.


Akshay Sharma


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