Trend ’17- How To Mix Clothes of Different Fabrics Like A Pro?| High Shine & Thirst Traps With Denim


You know that moment when you’re mad but you really don’t know why? Because
your feelings are so fucking blended. Everything’s jumbled up, even your emotions. No matter how hard you try to suppress, it vents out sooner or later. And the longer the suppression, the worse is the mental breakdown. I feel our minds are like unbreakable balloons & when they get filled up, more than their capacity, they explode. Getting me? No. Okay. All I’m trying to say here is that instead of going all crazy & paranoid, know what’s troubling you. Half of the time our mind’s playing mind tricks with our mind. Breathe & relax because even if you’re in deep shit, eventually everything gets sorted.

FullSizeRender (3)

Anyway you must be wondering why am I bullshitting about mixed emotions? That’s because we’re mixing things today. Everything literally. We’re also going a step higher with bling.


High shine & metallic blues:

Here’s to saying no to stay basic because experiment is the key. I remember the first time I went out wearing this outfit in a bar. Oh boy! It was dazzling & terrifically godly. Consider yourself as a transcendent figure and everyone else a level beneath.



Sunglasses– Marc Jacobs

The empty swimming pool story:

I feel like there’s something so aesthetic about empty liquor bottles, closets, old houses & pools. They have untold stories related to them that no one has ever known or heard.
Another reason for my umpteen love for these secluded places is because I crave silence. They’re peaceful little badlands away from the hustle of mankind. And as no one ever visits, there’re no eyes staring at you. It’s isolated & noiseless which makes it so liberating.

FullSizeRender (2)

You can for once, even for a short span, be yourself. Untroubled.


Out of a sudden, existential crisis of modern materialism kicks in & I’m being thrown back to the real world.

Enough with the pep talk, let’s come to the details of this look. As I have mentioned in my earlier articles, metallic fabrics are trending this year. And Why not? They look so hip.

Top Oversized bomber with Henley t-shirt

Hi I’m a little extra, always have been.

The whole retro vibe is eye-popping & fascinating. Isn’t it? Oversized bombers are booming, thanks to the Kardashians & the Jenners.
Devil is in the details & so is the prominent pastel pink detailing over this jacket which makes it even more exceptional.

The baggy sleeves compliment & balance the attire with pants so skinny.

You can pair this up with a solid coloured vest or a t-shirt (preferably black or white because you wouldn’t want to add too many colors) I’ve chosen the black Henley t-shirt to wear underneath the jacket which mingles flawlessly.

Bomber– KOOVS

Henley T-shirt– H&M


Bottom- Metallic Trousers

Don’t I look like Rishi Kapoor from his early 80’s? Hahaha yes! I’ve been born & brought up with majorly being influenced by Bollywood. And somehow I can’t hide that dramatic kid inside, I don’t want to. With that being said these tighty righty trousers would look heavenly on anyone. Trust me. No wait. Don’t trust me, have a look:


Not only this goes with the matching bomber jacket, you can even pair it up with B&W vests or long oversized boyfriend shirts.

Sometimes I wish I could just cover myself with glitter from head to toe & walk around in streets, giving zero fucks. Goals, right?

Espadrilles- KOOVS

Mixing Fabrics:


Mixing fabrics open a whole lot of possibilities. Innovate & never imagined looks to create the buzz.
Tell me how denim over metals sounds to you? FUN yeah.

The only concern here is that we gotta be a little careful while choosing the fabrics we’d like to amalgamate.
It’s not rocket science, you get an idea when you start experimenting more often. So even if you fuck up, that’s okay.


Sneakers- Zara

Here I am incorporating 3 different fabrics-


One of safest apparel which almost never goes out of trend. I got this little baby few months ago from H&M. Definitely one of the smartest buy, hella reasonable & pocket friendly.


Giving the whole school/college going boy vibes.

I can’t even count the times I’ve worn this pretty beaut this year. Everywhere really.

Longline t-shirt (cotton):


This comes with an impeccable quality guaranteed by its makers. S.oliver’s making some really dope stuff which you guys should definitely check out.


Combining them, your new ensemble is ready that you already contained in your wardrobe, which you had no idea of. Well I’m here as your saviour, making adjustments so that you don’t have spend extra money on new clothing.


Tribal Backpack: People

Save it, have a beer. The weather is scorching & oh boy! I’m melting. I still am confused whether I’m a summer or winter baby because I cringe even if I have a slight inconvenience.



Also hey! This month’s special because I finally started my YouTube channel. Yes! FINAAAALLLY!! And I’ve already uploaded 2 dope videos. Check out, here’s the link:

Youtube- Never Stay Sober.

Tbh I also feel super lively by writing after a while. Enough about me, I hope you guys are taking good care of yourself in this weather. Make sure you put on the sun-screen 20 minutes before you go out in the sun. Little things make all the difference, okay. Follow me on Snapchat (akshayeee) for more summer tips.


I’ll see you guys soon with another dope story.

Stay hydrated, stay humble


Akshay Sharma


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  1. anyaval7 · April 28, 2017

    You’re bonkers, but I’m totally digging your writing style!! I never follow fashion blogs, but yours are actually entertaining to read xx


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