Lookbook- Amazon India Fashion Week Autumn/Winter 2017

A constant fear of smudging up the lipstick you’re wearing for the first time. Never knew it’d be a gruelling task to control sneezing when down with cold & no idea of how to chomp a burger without ruining everything…

Hi fam! I attended this week’s most anticipated event which every fashion enthusiast sits tight for. The Amazon India Fashion Week Autumn-Winter ’17 with Maybelline New York and boy! It was all glitzy & glamorous.
From veteran designers to street style-inspired folk, ramp walks with captivating jazz music in the background to celebs spotting, it was one big fashion fiesta.

Document hthfh_23 (1)

It was my first official drop in on the fashion week. Though I was caught up with mild illness (it still fucks you up, right?) I still managed to make appearances on day 2 & day 3. And trust me I would’ve gone bonkers if I had to turn up for one more day.

Document hthfh_16

Day 2 was less challenging & trouble free but after all the exertion, on Day 3, I woke up with sour throat & blocked nose. This was supposed to be a video blog alright! but I’m still down with cold & fever. You won’t like a person coughing, sneezing in every 20 seconds talking about fashion week in a video, would you?

Enough with the self pity I’m here to share the lookbook from the event where your boy made his grand impression with being featured astonishingly all over the social media & made you guys proud.

Document hthfh_26

Oh & not to forget, I’ll also share my bittersweet experience meeting the fancies but later in the article. 😗


Day 2:

While everyone around me were sticking to stay minimalistic, I remembered what Gaga taught me over my nourishing years. That to stand out, you have to reveal your most distinctive side out there. This was obviously a risky roulette because it could’ve gone completely opposite of what it actually turned out to be which is amazeballs. To glam up my first day, I chose to wear something ethnic. Something elegant, contemporary yet effortless.


Top- This traditionally inspired maroon drawstring Kurti designed by myself perfectly contrasted with other fragments of the look.
Detailing’s everything & so were these beautiful shiny golden hangings attached to the top which gave all the rage to the attire. Also these fad hangings were perfect for the twirl. You know something’s missing until you don’t one of those slo-mo twirling videos. Yes I can hear you saying ‘cliché’. Haha.


Bottom– As I mentioned in my previous blog that 90’s making a huge comeback. This fashion week hugely spotted bell bottoms, flared trousers, palazzos etc.
And so inspired by this bold & spunky trend, I wore this black beaut. I want to tag it as a desi palazzo, you can call it a sharara or whatsoever you’d like to label it as. Alright! No room for skepticism. Fabindia

Dupatta– Pattern play? Yes! Versatile, light weight & easy to carry, totally! This majorly gives a suave statement.
Yes as a first timer, I did a pretty job carrying it off quite elegantly without tripping off. Well okay! I’ll be lying if I won’t give you a moment of laughter where I almost got stuck with this sass while getting out of a label store.
But here it is, I managed not to embarrass myself & strolled with poise.

Document hthfh_24 (1)

Related Accessories– Vintage silver neckwear, sliver handband- from the streets of pink city, Jaipur.
Snazzy Rose Coloured GlassesCoolwinks.

Document hthfh_25

Day 3-

Different day, different mood. It was time for a fresh, modish & avant-garde look. Also the most appreciated, all over the social media, among the best styled outfits at the fashion week. I wanted to do something divergent & hence both the outfits are poles apart. When you’re among the most fancy & most fashionable crowd considered, you’ve got to bring out your A game.


Top- The self print black silk, opened mandarin collar shirt which I had with myself for more than 5 years finally found its way out from deepest part of my wardrobe. So black, so shiny that there’s no chance that it would get unnoticed.

Document hthfh_20

Lip kit- How many of you men & women out there actually slay a dark violet colour lip shade without being apprehensive? I say anybody can. Should I tell the method to pull off such futuristic trends & outfits? The Method is there’s no method involved. Wait I’ll try & make sense.


All you need is handful of courage, little self confidence & boldness. There! You’re good to go. If you closely follow my snaps & stories, you probably know how desperately I waited for my shipment to arrive. Omg! That was like a dream come true, right on the door itself.

Sunglasses- Marc Jacobs

Some of you have already seen me wearing the various shades by Kylie cosmetics (Did I mention that I’m not at all embarrassed to admit the fact that I’m highly fucking obsessed with King Kylie & her products & her pets & her pretty silicon boobs & her amazing fake ass & her lips. Also fuck you if you’re a hater)

This might look absurd to you. You might not know me or might be reading my blog for the first time or you don’t really know what I preach. But here it is: Everybody has the right to wear, kiss, fuck, love whosoever & whatsoever they want, as simple as that. And if you’re still not ready to accept this, very politely, you can stop reading & close the screen.

Lip kit- Kourt K, Kylie Cosmetics.

Document hthfh_22

Bottom- Have a look at how perfectly it blends & compliments the whole attire. These Silver silk palazzos from Koovs fashion was indeed worth spending my pocket money on. As mentioned earlier, Velvet & silk are trending & here to stay for a while. Make a read of my previous blog post for more information regarding its styling.


Silver espadrilles– Will you stop wearing white sneakers fucking everywhere? Please! I’ve got some amazing alternatives. Like these pretty little espadrilles from Koovs. Also they’re comfort af.

Related Accessories


This area is opened up to million of possibilities. Bring out your creative side & make your own quirky accessories, like I did. The black thing you see wrapped around my fingers is actually the black tape which I got from an electrical appliance store.



The amazing silver rings you see, some of them are from online accessories portal like Koovs, Jabong & some of them are thrifted.

Watch- Tag Heuer

Sling bag- To carry my eyewear, little water bottle, battery pack & other important stuff.

Ankle Jewelry- Jaipur


Now that the detailed post-mortem is done let me briefly share what all happened at the autumn winter fashion week, my experience & learnings:

Highlights- Autumn/winter 2017 collection by Huemn, Péro & few other labels had an energy packed, unique runway presentation. Minimalistic layerings to wallpaper prints, metallic trousers to turtlenecks, Rainwear to athleisure, we saw everything trending which I’ve already discussed in my last post.

Also I did my research before going & so few things you should know if you’re going as newbie to the fashion week:

Document hthfh_21

* Never go basic- Leave your basic outfits at home & bring out the fashionista in you or else you’re doomed.

* People constantly judge you, now no matter how perfect you look you can still see that slight bit of criticism in their eyes, so fuck it & chill out.

* Meet new people– You’re not there to hang out with your friends.

* Make sure you have an enchanting pair of sunglasses on, the whole time during the afternoon.

* Compliments– You can’t be mean to person who’s already having a bad day, that too when he/she doesn’t have any idea of it.

* Be good at small talks– Know how to end a conversation & strike another within the same breath.

* Starstruck– Chances are that you surely gonna get bumped into someone you deeply admire & at that moment please try not be paralysed or speechless. And if you do. Well! Then we can share a mutual feeling.

Please feel free to share your views in comment section below, anything you’d like to say.

I’ll see you guys super soon until then

Stay well, stay humble.


Akshay Sharma




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