15 Fashion Trends You Must Follow This Year/ Obsolete Trends You Should Avoid- Men /Women

Not upgrading your wardrobe with the present-day trends is like sticking yourself in a bad relationship. It’s like keeping the cadaver of your dead cat, even when you know it’s dead af. The only wise decision is to move on, bury the remains & accept the inevitable change.
If you’re ever confused between white & black, choose blue. Pasta and risotto, order a lasagna. Coke & Pepsi, have a thumbs up. Doesn’t make sense? Well my point here is that sometimes wild choices make all the difference.  Also timing plays an essential role, if you aren’t up to date, chances are that you’re gonna lose the game.
Don’t worry! I have your back at least in making you aware of what’s trending in fashion? From NY Fashion Week to Indian Fashion Week, I’ve got you all covered.



The Velvet Vogue:
Velvet is making a huge comeback & I can not wait to fill up my wardrobe with this enchanting fabric.
From jumpsuits to tailored jackets, velvet & its allys like silk is booming everywhere these days. And why not? It looks so slinky, slutry & rich. I had plenty of ideas in my mind on how to add more quirkiness to plain velvet apparels & giving them an edge.
All black everything. (well mostly everything) Have a look at this black velvet hoodie from H&M.
Try & resist yourself but tell me honestly if you haven’t fallen in love with it already.
Benefits of having this stunning piece of clothing is that it saves you from the unpredictable weather because it’s not fully warm but just enough to give you that feeling of warm cuddles.

Related accessories
Round Sunglasses- Marc Jacobs, Black bead handbands- Thrifted
White sneakers- Zara.


Faux Leather
The time has come when I present the main attraction of this whole look which is indeed sorcerous. The black faux leather trousers. Attention seeking? Yes. Body fitted? Yes. And fascinating as fuck? Hell Yes. There’s no chance that people won’t turn around in the club to have a look at your alluring attire. 
And it’s thriving this season, thanks to Joanne (Lady Gaga) for wearing that kickass underboobs flashing outfit on this year’s Grammy Awards, showing off her amazing figure & choking the ungrateful body shamers.


Faux Fur
Name one fashion geek who isn’t fond of faux fur, I’ll wait. I mean since the first episode of Scream Queens( Thriller-Comedy T.V Series) Most of Chanel’s outfits are made out of faux fur. TMI? okay. Everyone from Bebe Rexha to our highly adored rapper/singer Maclemore


Cape Cardigan- Forever 21 

Deep Round Neck T-shirt- H&M 

Sling BagClaire’s


Tench Coats-
 I’ve already mentioned in my previous articles that my love for trench coats is eternal. Here’s another enticing long trench from my collection.
Pairing it up with this floral vest from Forever 21. Because you never know when it gets too hot.
Trench CoatPunk
 Sunglasses- Forever 21
Using the faux leather trousers in all the 3 looks to show you guys how simple it is to slay them without any distress.


Sportswear alliance-
Mixing up your gym wear with your party attire is totally digging. I know the time when I’m at the gym at 7 & I gotta hit the bar at 9. The hack works perfectly. For instance I wore to a friend’s birthday party.
Top- Adidas Originals.
Bottom- Nike Dryfit Series.
Shoes- H&M/ Adidas


Bell bottoms/ Flare Jeans/ Wide leg palazzo-90’s trend is coming back in a big way & I’m freaking out because Damn! I love it. Almost fully prepared for the sass, I’m still experimenting with my looks. 
From stunning evening vibes to sophisticated work vibes, bell bottomed trousers work both ways.
This is what I wore on my birthday night.


Trendy backpacks:
Already featured in preceding articles.
Stay tuned for more in upcoming articles.


Previously featured in my last year’s monsoon special.


Shades of yellow-
Didn’t I tell you guys already? And you still don’t trust me. Ugh. Look for yourself & love me more.
Link to the articleQuirky Cunts: 4 New hip kicks.


Mixing denims with other fabrics: Upcoming article, here’s the glimpse:img_0220


Jacket/Shirt round the waist: Been there, done that? Well it’s back. Actually I’m wearing it right now while writing this article. You’d know if you follow my Snapchat.(Akshayeee)
-More common trends popping up this year:
12. Over-sized bombers
13. Windbreakers
14. High waist trousers
15. Super short shorts

Obsolete/Out fashion:


Stretchable skinny jeans- No please. And no more Kurtas with those Jeans to college.


Corset dress- Hell Naw Ladies. No more prom fantasics. 


White sneakers-  Okay sit down, we need to talk. I know how troublesome it is to clean your white ass sneakers everyday. And some people make it even worse by wearing the dirty ones, giving YOLO excuses. No, not anymore. Please. Okay? Good.


Ultra low waist-
Excuse me, What the givenchy?  When was it ever in trend? Staaph, spare the horror.


High heels/ higher than 5 or 6 inches-
Good, I won’t have to see girls falling on their faces in clubs anymore, pretending it’s a dance move. Furthermore, boys on the dance floor.


Hippie/The Boho Style-
Well it supposedly had its day but “So Boho” it’s time for you to retire.


Sweatpant Looks-

Yes! Majorly sweatpants tucked into your tube socks is a no no.


V-Neck Sweaters

I’m still up for V-neck t-shirts for once in while if I don’t have anything else to wear but for work/office, please try & avoid them.

Since last year, there’re lot of changes going on in fashion & styling. Remember not to give a fuck, it’s up to you if you want to follow these trends.  I’ll try & bring you guys the best hacks, tips & my own trends, like I always do.
Be creative, be humble & feel free to write down in the comment section below.
Akshay Sharma

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