Christmas Delirium- Tschüss 2016

This is my goodbye to 2016. Hello & fuck you. Another year passed by but what really changed since last Christmas? Mostly nothing. Apart from being hassled by the whole demonetisation nightmare, our year went by tagging each other on sarcastic/ pop cultured memes. Scoopwhoop & Buzzfeed made us realise that even Chai walas are better looking than us. At parties, people shamelessly went to the DJ & said “Bhaiya Closer aur Lean On ka punjabi mix chala do” Oh & how can we forget Cheap thrills with bhangra beats. Inspite of being a dirty stain on Indian cinema ‘Sultan’ worked remarkably at the box office. What else? Kim & Kylie continued to be shamed for their nude selfies & body type. They still earned millions & didn’t give a fuck. Well possibly only to Kanye & Tyga.


Highlights- This was an year of some spectacular fashion trends. From chokers to trainers, plushy velvets to fuzzy faux fur. The winter craze still continues. Not to mention that I tried making a statement with the blue ombré hairdo accompanied with other boho stuff (septum rings etc.) Blurring the difference & breaking the stereotypes with gender neutral clothes & accessories, making the mango people uncomfortable. Nothing changed for the millennials, our life still sucks but maybe now we have made terms with how we’d like to be sucked.


Tbh I don’t even know how this year went away in blink of an eye. I just remember the beginning of this year where I was cribbing over 2015 being the worst year of my life. This year was where I drank comparatively less & more than half of my pocket money went straight to Starbucks. I evolved new OCDs & became more cynical about tiny things like painting my nails almost every damn day. haha. Oh & if you’d wanna know that the non existent girls from my school got hitched.



Last Christmas I shared an amazing Winter Bunny story with you guys. For those who haven’t read it, link to the post is down below. I get more tickled pink for Christmas & New Years than for any other festival. One of the reasons is I get to wear Red, the colour of love & affection.

I strike out the festive vibes with an aesthetic outfit this year. Here you go:


Pull out your inner Santa in chilly winter mornings with a little sunshine over your face.
This Bleeding Red Trench Coat is perfect for a bonfire or an open terrace date, saving you from the bitter cold. Flawless fit, made with such excellence.

Trench Coat: United Colors of Benetton

Oh! And if you ask me which’s the most comfortable thing in my wardrobe, it has to be this White Henley T-shirt. This would go with almost every pair of bottoms you have.

Tighter the pants, better the curves. My all the favourite Navy blue chinos.

optimized-dsc_5454Pants & Henley T shirt- H&M

I love the way how sun shines on my face & these bad boys save my pretty little eyes every time I go out. Never ever stepping outside without em.

White sneakers from Zara are LIFE. Trust me on this, get them & you’re sorted. Lately I had an obsession with buying shoes, it has been shifted back to colognes. And bitch I feel broke like all the fucking time.

optimized-dsc_5345Sunglasses- Marc Jacobs

It’s 24th of December, I’m writing this article & I still haven’t found my red beanie. Probably I left it on the shoot location or it’s somewhere hidden in my wardrobe. I don’t know! If any one of you find my love, please be my Santa & send it to me.

Don’t forget to share the feeling of love with your loved ones & don’t be cold for someone new who wants to relinquish his/her affection. World isn’t a bad place. With all the happiness & joy, I wish you guys Merry Christmas & Happy New Year.
I’ll meet you in 2017. Till then screw yourself. ❤️


Photography: Avneesh Kumar

Akshay Sharma



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