Hawaiian Hallucination- 4 Dreams Straight Outta Closet.

Have you ever been so mad at someone that you wanna whack the shit out of that person? It doesn’t necessarily have to be your love interest. You know what life is like your favourite t-shirt. And no matter how much take care, it gets dirty. All you need is a sturdy detergent to clean it & bring back the freshness. Yeah I’ve this weird habit of comparing everything with clothes. Well, someone out there must be thinking that this guy utters complete nonsense. Well pardon my manners but I give zero fucks to that. Carrying on, here I’m talking about mental health, anger & its allied emotions.

It’s like a washing cycle. After you’ve cleaned your t-shirt (life), have taken out the dirt (negativity), it’s still un-ironed. People around us & their vibes help in ironing our thoughts. And then all we need is a comforter which blossoms everything (probably your best friend). Times come where either we can lose our temper & lash out (which would be temporarily satisfying but consequential) or we can leave that for karma. Sooner or later you’ll realise that everything is temporary & so is pain & anger. Keeping it inside your mind is just poisonous. It won’t make the situation any better but will surely burn everything good which has left inside of you.

Wait! meanwhile you analyse what I just said, lemme show you guys something sensational I’ve been working on. Giving out my four Hawaiian dreams that I’d like to share with you. Here they go:

Dream 1:  I’m somewhere in a middle of a street that I don’t recognise. Walking alone then sitting on the roadside, lost & absent minded. I’m suffering through this pleasant agony which is difficult to express.


I’ve included accessories which remain same through out all the looks like the fedora, sneakers etc. so that I can show you guys how you can try out different styles with the same piece of accessory. You don’t have to spend too much & it’s wonderful to see how they blend so perfectly with every outfit.


In case it isn’t obvious & you haven’t noticed, I love pouring out colours. When in doubt, go floral. One of the reasons I chose to wear this shirt out of my floral collection is that it coordinates with my hair. Haha.


Corduroy Pants: Love how they look so apt. Tired of repetitive denims & chinos? Try them out, you might as well wanna wear em even while taking a nap.


Accessories: Wearing a silver chained dog tag & an uber cool black beads wristband which I literally got for a price of a packet of chips. Blue pained nails giving an edge over the other basic people are you.

Reflectors: Forever 21 men

White Sneakers- The best time to carry off your white ass sneakers is when you don’t have to walk through dusty streets. Also few days ago on snapchat I showed you guys the simplest way to clean white sneakers. So in case you don’t wanna miss out on fashion tips & tricks, give me a follow.



When it comes to shoes, Zara has a magnificent collection of perfectly crafted, spectacularly designed boots & sneakers.

Try this look on a sunny day when you’re out but make sure that the weather isn’t too hot to carry a fedora on your head.

Shirt: Koovs


Fedora: H&M

Dream 2: I’m all set to board the bus I’m waiting for. It’s been a while & I’m anxious. I have no idea of my destination but all I know that I need to get out of this messed up place.



The 2nd outfit from the Hawaiian lookbook is the the peach bitch look. Haha what I call this composition. When to wear: Probably the right occasion would be a beach day but for us living in this big old city with huge concrete buildings around, we are only left with malls.


Pastel Peach shorts: Probably the most adorable shorts I have in my wardrobe. Easy to coordinate with flawless fit. The prime thing about pastel coloured apparels is that make the whole outfit look so effortless & serene.

Shorts: Forever 21 men


Have a look at this startling floral crew neck t-shirt from United Colors of Benetton.

Dream 3: You know when you’re in a club filled with dancing zombies cheering up but somehow you feel so fucking disconnected. There’s a smile on your face, a mask which hides the loner inside of you.


Featuring longline t-shirt from S.Oliver.


Power dressing is fun. You can slay a long tee with a pair of your favourite ripped denims. Mine happens to be this winsome pair from H&M with stretchable fit.


Black beads choker: Do you also find it difficult to cope with the choker fashion trending all over?



Well it’s easy peasy Japanesey to DIY chokers. I’ve simply put my wristband around my neck. And there you have a new choker without any trouble.

Dream 4: My heart is at peace now. You know once you have been through the darkness & you feel like it’s going away. The worst is in the past so all I can do is just smile & live every moment with peace & joy.



Okay repeat after me “I can wear my plain white t-shirt in hundred different ways.” You don’t believe me & I love proving you wrong, every damn time. The best time to put on this look is on a breezy afternoon when the wind is caressing your face.



Pair a Hawaiian shirt with your fav solid coloured t-shirt. Make sure it coordinates well with the different colors on your shirt.


Shirt: Koovs, T-shirt: Forever 21

There comes a time when you’re bored of using the same old cliché pair of accessories. It’s when the Mother Nature debuts in your lookbook. Who says boys can’t look fabulous with flowers hovering their heads? Experiment next time when you go out with your buds, you’ll feel the difference. Oh & they’re free.



Well! that’s all I have for today. To sum up I’ll just say that life isn’t complicated as we make it by over analysing things which is gonna happen in the future or overthinking about things which has happened in the past. It’s simple, you get affected by your surroundings. So if you don’t like someone, unfriend him/her. Don’t feel like hanging out, learn to say No. You see someone’s hurting, don’t hesitate to help. Be generous, that’s all that matters.

Have something in your mind that you’d like to share? Feel free to write down in the comment section below.

Photography: Karan Prakash


I’ll see you guys next week.

Stay beautiful, Stay humble.



Akshay Sharma


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