Birthday Shenanigans : Thank you for the support.

This one goes a little personal. I’m writing this for the immense love and support you guys have showed me. It’s just wonderful. Yes I survived one more year. Crazy things happened, happy realisations & I almost drank my way through it.

Dear 20 year old, You finally realised world’s a bitch, people are cold & there’s no point spending hours in making handmade cards. Even Augustus Waters and Hazel Grace Lancaster warned you. Didn’t they? Okay! Well thanks for not tearing apart though & surviving the wild. Optimism kept you going & finally look where you are.

It’s my birthday so I’ll rather cut the crap and thank myself but no I gotta act all sophisticated and humble right? Haha kidding. I do really appreciate how you guys have supported me. Well so some of you might know that 2015 was super shitty for me and I could’ve easily drifted into ash but look here I am. Finally doing what I really wanted to do & enjoying it to the fullest. It’s the beginning.

IMG_7777 c

I feel super humbled to have a few friends who are actually basic bitches with whom I can be myself. They are the ones who’ll always double heart my insta photos no matter how outrageous they are. Haha. So I say bye to negativity and hello to all the challenges and surprises ahead. I’m so done with pleasing everyone last year. Trust me, I think of it and I feel like 2009’s Britney Spears.

But as they say life eventually gets sorted and everything goes well to the place where it is supposed to be. I’d say learn from your mistakes and never regret anything which once made you happy. So I’m happy “it” happened. I was sad coz it didn’t last. But I finally feel great to see myself so stronger now.

IMG_7787 - Copy

Keeping it short and brief I try to execute & bring you guys all the crazy ideas which comes in my mind and I intend to do it till my last breath. Be it Painting my nails or colouring my beard or more crazy stuff I plan to drown myself to.

Look. Life’s hard where everybody is trying to think out of the box but no one actually knows what they’re doing?

Just think, dream & never let anyone put you down.

Love you guys for the support

Stay tuned & spread love.

Akshay Sharma



  1. Ritu Parna · February 18, 2016

    Happy birthday akshay.Yes life indeed is a bitch.It throws a new curve at you everyday.But ‘curvy’ is beauty 😉😉 haha.Anyway enjoy the day.

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