Not so Cinematic- Lights Camera Action

Bad liquor. Old concept. Slow service.

What do you expect when you go out with your date or friends to a party place? And what happens when the place doesn’t match your expectation? Exactly what happened to us. LIGHTS CAMERA ACTION is like one of those badly executed movies with no storyline and bad actors. So I’ve been here quite a few times and the experience every damn time was not even satisfactory.

Situated in HKV, the only good part of this place is their Menu presentation & no so phenomenal but yeah tasteful food.

Not much to talk about, let’s just directly dive into the details:

Drinks: Drinks aren’t up to notch & so not value for money.

Look at the quantity of LIITs we ordered. Also quality of liquor they used to make the drinks was poor. They really need to work on this. Success of any bar lies in the hands of the bartender.



Food items on the menu are by the names of famous Bollywood stars & movies. Quite an attraction. You can go here if dining is your main purpose of the outing.

Few recommendations :

1. Pasta

2. Pizza with Naan base.

3. Chicken-e-chameli ( basically grilled chicken with Indian spices)

4. Tiramisu


Smoke lovers: Hookah is just fine.


Bad choice of music by the Dj. Music is an essential part and they lack to get the crowd into the groove. Can be so much better.


You’ll see different posters, animations, famous quotes from classic Bollywood flicks. Again copied concept and not so innovative.



Super slow & super bad. We even asked the waiter to call the manager and but he was nowhere to see. We were actually so annoyed.

A friendly tip guys- that’s not how you supposed to run a restaurant for god sake.

I’ll say if you don’t have any other option or your main focus is food. Go for it.

Here’re the ratings:

Food: 3.5/5

Drinks: 2/5

Music: 2/5

Ambiance: 3/5

Service: 1/5

Total: 2/5

Address: Haus Khas Village

Phone: 011-33105342


Stay tuned for more reviews.

Akshay Sharma


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