Nights@ The Junkyard Cafe

 Hello you hungover drunkards! To cope up with your thirst, I’m here with the review of another theme based restaurant bar situated at the heart of our city. As the name suggests the interior of this place basically is made of junk we literally throw away. Things you’ll see: a big dinosaur made of crap, seats made of old cars, Mona Lisa portrait, empty beer bottles over the ceiling etc. You see nothing but beautifully crafted piece of junk.
We got a table where there was a fighter plane hanging above our heads. Yes you heard me right A BIG GIGANTIC PLANE.Incredibly innovate concept with dark walls & dim lights. It gives you a feel as if you’re sitting on the sets of a Marvel movie.
Let’s get into details:
The entrance of this place is shared with the entrance of pebble street cafe and BBQ nation. As situated on the 2nd floor, you have an option to sit outside. Thumbs up if you’re a smoker. But the terrace sitting isn’t very eye catchy, comfy or beautiful as provided by other restro bar in the same vicinity. So nothing wow about it.
DJ was fun. He actually played some funky Punjabi tracks as there were many turbies around. We went on a weekday so there weren’t much hustle bustle. From international music chart busters to Sunny leone’s desi look he actually played everything.
Here’s the glimpse of the music. Courtesy: my snapchat “akshayeee”
Booze: So wherever I go I indulge myself to try new things. We asked the waiter and he suggested us a bucket of “metal bender” which is basically a mix of tequila, triple sec, clove, cucumber & lemonade. It was worth the try.
As it was my bff’s birthday bash, the drink made us totally tipsy & dandy.
Other drinks you must try:
1. Bourbon Wreckage Fluid- if you’re a whiskey person.
2. Graveyard cocktails- super crazy & high on vodka level.
3. Edison bulb yard- with options to either choose from white rum, gin or vodka.
I must not forget to tell that they’ve a special ” BIRTHDAY SHOT” for all the bday kings & queens.
A little overpriced menu but surely no regrets. Also they have a wide variety of drinks and smoothies for our Health conscious youth.
Food plays an important role for every restaurant/bar because no matter how good the bartender is, the real deal stays with the kitchen. From soups, salads to Italian to North Indian food they’ve got everything on their menu. You name it.
We loved the Crispy sesame potato, buffalo chicken wings, four season pizza & Jamaican jerk Chicken.
They’ve also got sushi & dimsums on their menu, very basic. Also their peri peri pasta wasn’t up to the notch.
Hookah: Yes for all you ringmasters out there, they have a separate sheesha menu. Had no problem replacing the coal, very well served but again overpriced.
Very well coordinated staff. The manager was humble and helpful in getting us our seats. Still there was a little glitch, where like 2 times the waiter served us the wrong dishes which we haven’t ordered. But it can happen anywhere & surely they can work over it. Kudos!!
Here’s my verdict:
MUSIC: 4/5
FOOD: 3/5
TOTAL: 3.5/5
Address: N-91, 2nd Floor, Outer Circle, Connaught Place, Opp KG Marg, New Delhi
Phone:095999 47643
Hours: 12 pm to 1 am

Share your views down in comments & stay tuned for more such reviews.
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Akshay Sharma


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