Jingle balls 2/2- Winter Bunny’s Tale

“Something Old, Something New. Something Borrowed, Something Blue. A sixpence in your Shoe”

Haha No I’m not getting married, definitely not this year. The quote represents my current winter bunny look. Something old- my red sweatshirt, something new- the shoes. Well nothing’s borrowed, just your love & obviously the navy blue trousers.



How’r you guys? I wish ya’ll a very happy crazy non-sober new year. So 2015 was sort of miserable cum magical year for me. I learned so many life lessons. Never stay sober happened which is like one good thing. Happy realisations happened.



Anyway so I’ve decided to shoot the shit outta 2016 & no matter how drilling it would be I’d still stand up high on the clouds. I wanna be happy on the saddest days, I would like to be nice to people when it’ll be hard to do so. I’d try not to lose my humanity when conditions will be worsened.



So coming to the point. Today I’m telling you a guys a story. A bunny’s tale. This bunny lived under a tree at a place called la la land. He was cute, awkward & lovable. I met him few months ago where he told me all his secrets to master all the hearts around the world.

He was wearing a red beanie. Totally warm & bright as a Christmas tree.



Beanie- punk.

He looked so cuddly in his red sweatshirt & when I asked him why is he wearing everything red. He replied ” one day bunny was heading back home after finishing his lunch at Mrs. Duckies house when suddenly he was attacked by a beast. He was wounded & so bunny went to Mr.Mudpie ( his family doctor). He cured bunny & told him to make new friends so that he’s never alone & hence can’t be attacked by vicious beasts. And in order to do so he told him to wear RED as it attracts happy people & it’s a merry color”




Swearshirt- UCB.

He was wearing a blue trouser. Skinny showing the curves. Asking about it the bunny told that he always wanted to go for navy but he couldn’t so instead he wears a navy blue trouser everyday. Hahahah. Please no logic.



Trouser- H&M.

His rounded shades looked so dapper. He wore it like he owned it.

The solid red color socks was surely a highlight of the look.

Coming to the amazing new shoes he was wearing. They were to die for. Designed by one of his friends. They looked copper dropper & full on hopper.


Formal shoes- Amen.

He told me when it gets very very cold & there’s no one to cuddle or comfort him. He hides into his black leather jacket which he got from miss zara panda. It looked warm & probably’ll save him from upcoming storms.



leather jacket- Zara.

He said when the sun sometimes doesn’t shine so bright he wears his cute little specs. Also he can’t see without em so it’s his compulsory accessory. He was also wrapped around a brown belt.



Specs- Mark Jacobs.

He was getting late so at last he asked me if I would like to his new friend & I hugged him and said ” yes mr. Bunny I find you super funny. I shall meet you when the weather is sunny. Till then take care & be fabulous Coz you’re as sweet as honey”


So that’s how he turned out to be super fashionable bunny of all time. Hahaha.



Go try the look this winter & don’t forget to tell me how you find it in comments below.

Break some balls.


Akshay Sharma


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