After a tiring day– BAR EXCHANGE


Who else gets frustrated after all day pretending to laugh at your boss’s silly and annoying jokes? We all do. Right?

Getting through the day somehow surviving, we all need a place to put our fatigue aside and hopeless to have a great night. Day miserable, the night has to be magical.

Hence on a Tuesday night, I went to this crazy new place BAR EXCHANGE BY VAPOUR.



If you are a smoker, you’re gonna love this place as it has an open sort of dining area with soul touching breeze coming from the woods.

Now comes the best part, the liquor. They’ve got this innovative way in which the prices change according to the STOCK EXCHANGE. The changing stock is available on the TV screens visible from almost every table round the corner. Hence the name Bar Exchange.

They have their own ORDERING APP though which you can order while sitting on your table.Gosh. Isn’t that cool? Go and discover yourself.


Now Let’s come to the crowd, of course we live in Delhi and as this place is situated In Gurgaon, you might find some ” Bhai types log” with sleazy tight tees with quirky tag lines, ignore as we always do. Having said that, it is also a happy family spot. I saw few newly married couples snuggling over martinis.

Service is average. With waiters calling kamikaze as KamaKaGe (I laughed so hard). Haha so they really need to hire new staff as we see in other bars like Farzi cafe etc.

Food is tempting, menu is bit annoying Coz it’s in shape of a newspaper. And trust me once we’re drunk, the last thing we wanna do is to read a newspaper. So change change.

Besides that it’s VERY POCKET FRIENDLY. You order the drink when it has the lowest value on the stock and there you go.

Music is soothing with an additional dancing area cum stage for the drunk wilds.

Here is my rating:


Definitely advised.

Address: 2nd Floor, Plot 13,14 and 15, Sector 29, Gurgaon, Haryana 122002
Phone:098106 90973


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